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Marriage of Ravan

King Mahidant was a universal monarch. Patalpuri, Rohini, Gandhaar etc. countries were overuled by king Mahidant. The treasure of these places existed in Lanka and Maharaja Shiva was his contributory. Once Rishi Pulastya on reqesting Maharaja Shiva reserved a place in Lanka. That was a house of gold in which Rishi Pulastya would take rest. After some time it happened, Kubair was selected as the king of Lanka. The other kings too started ruling their own nations. Kudhit Rushtit named king ruled on Patalpuri and Bhartik ruled Somdhit. King Mahidant's nation became a little.

Raja Mahidant neither had any son nor any daughter. After some time it happened that a daughter was born to king Mahidant, the king made a great pleasure. Several Vedas were recited. Birth ceremony was performed with a festive. After that when that girl became some older, wife of Mahidant, Surekha said, "O Bhagwan! This girl should go to Gurukul (institute of a Rishi) so that she may become matured after getting education. At that time Maharaja Mahidant getting the prayer of his wife, bringing that girl to priest of his dynasty Maharishi Tatv Muni Maharaj. At that time it is heared that he was a celibacy observer of 284 years. On reaching there the king as well as the girl touched the feet of Maharishi and the king said, "Bhagwan! Give me daughter the accurate education of learnings so that she may become successful in every type of learnings.

Maharishi Balmiki described about it that the king Mahidant returned to his palace and Rishi started giving that girl education. While getting education, that girl became very much great and got a great success in learning. She became scholar in material Yag and Vedic occupation. She used to study Vedas whole of the time. Thence Rishi thought within his mind "This girl is able to move to Brahmin dynasty. What to do now?" Rishivar used to think this one everyday. After some time the girl became young. As full moon becomes matured, that girl was matured with celibacy. King, according to the statement of his wife, requested Rishi reaching to him, "Bhagwan! Now I want to bring the daughter to our house. Now her marriage too must be performed. Please give me decision about the properties of her. In which Varna her marriage should be performed?" Thence Rishi replied, "Your daughter must go to Rishi dynasty. Further, it is your choice wherever you want to marry you may. I do not have any objection." The king brought that Brahmcharini to the royal palace.

It is the custom in our vedic literature when a brahmchari or brahmcharini comes from Gurukul the parents must welcome him/her with Yag and reception. Similarly the parents welcomed her with full strength. After welcoming the wife told her husband "Maharaj! Now our daughter has become young. Do any act for her marriage." The king started wandering everyday. While wandering he reached to Manichand, son of Rishi Pulastya. Manichand had a son who was Aditya brahmchari of 48 years. He was a great scholar of Vedas. Maharaja requested Manichand, "Maharaj! Accept my daughter, I want to marry my daughter to your son." At that time Manichand said, "Maharaj! How may I have too much good destiny that too much glorious girl may come to our dynasty?" Son Varun as well as his parents accepted that relation. The king with pleasure returned back to his house.

According to Astrology, the time was fixed. After some time, the day came. Manichand told his son "O son! There should be the society of ancient Brahmins. Which daughter, which girl, which son has his/her marriage ceremony among Vedic scholars, his/her actions are fulfilled always. Thence ancient scholars were invited. After invitation the group of scholars came to King Mahidant. King Mahidant saw that it was a very scholar group. The king welcomed with full strength. According to the custom of Rishis, Brahmcharini herself reached to her husband to welcome him. That girl proposed flower rings interlaced with gems, they accepted it. As the same, the king welcomed his relatives with full strength. After welcoming gave them places for rest. In the evening it was the time of marriage ceremony of the girl. With full pleasure the ceremony started. It started chanting of Vedic mantras by the wises. Brahmchari was chanting his own vedic mantras. Brahmcharinin was chanting her own. On several places the chanting was performed with full hope and pleasure. The ceremony ended.

Next day came. Winter wind was flowing at that time. Because of it the relatives of the child (Varun) could not bathe. That child said, "Oh! Why are you not bathing?" They said, "How to bathe winter wind is blowing." At that time that Bal Brahmchari, who was the master of Vedas, who knew the boundaries of science, closed his palms and said, "O Vayudev! You are disturbing in our tasks. Please become calm for a while." At that time the wind became little slow by the determination of brahmchari. All the relatives bathed. Several relatives having taken bath reached to their own places.

After that when other time came and all the persons started moving their own houses, king Mahidant thence welcomed everyone with full strength. When the bride was about to depart a person said, "O Brothers! This son was so able but king king Mahidant could not welcome him well." Thence king Mahidant became perplexed. With perplexity he said, "O Relatives! What should I do? This one time of mine is likewise. There was a period when I was emperor. Now the whole property moved to Lanka. Maharaja Kubair has become its owner. At that time, accepting these statements, all the persons departed to their own places. 

When reaching to his house the child thought that "My father-in-law said that his Lanka had won by Kubair, I have to win Lanka from Kubair." Wise is adorable everywhere. He was grandson of Pulastya Rishi Maharaj, so in which nation he moved he was welcomed. If they give anything in welcome, brahmchari would demand, "Give me ten thousand soldiers so that my task may complete." Like wise collecting ten thousands soldiers from every region, he attacked Lanka and won king Kubair. Thence king Kubair told, "O brother! Why are you winning me?" Then the great brahmchari said, "Kubair! I am not looking peace in your nation. In which period the people of a nation are not peacefull, at that time that king must be unthroned. It is the relegion. And in place of it peace provider, full of self conscious, who may give the peoples accurate pleasure and peace, the king should be enthroned."

Making separate king Kubair from Lanka, that child Varun reached in front of king Mahidant and told him, "Maharaj! I have won Lanka. Take your Lanka back and accept it." Thence king Mahidant said, "O Brahmchari! You yourself won Lanka, I accept it. But after accepting it, I am giving you this Lanka as the dowry of my daughter to you."

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