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DRK Part 85 - Scholar of Vedas: Ravana

Divya Ram Katha - Part 85

Scholar of Vedas


(Note: You have read about Marriage of Ravana in 8th May 2014 Post. By some personal reasons the story of Lord Ram was disrupted. Now I am writing the remaining story step by step. Please read regularly the story of Pyare, Jag ke Dulare, Patit Pawan Lord Ram's with Patience. Have a nice reading.)

Once King Ravan was discussing something with Ashwini Kumars about herbal Medicines. While discussing, Ravan's heart became disrupted. Ravan said to his ministers, "O Ministers! I am going to dense forests to see some great person." They said, "As you wish because you are independent. You should go and wander."

King Ravan, with the consent of the Ministers, while wandering, entered to the Ashram of Maharishi Shandilya. The Rishi asked, "Is your nation perfect?" Ravan answerd, "O Prabhu! It's your grace." Rishi asked, "Great. I have heared that there are very great and marvellous several laboratories in your nation." Ravan said, "Prabhu! This one is the grace of God himself. It is the duty of wise and great persons to uplift the nation. What is that with me?" Now departing from there the King Ravan entered to the residence of Maharishi Kukkut Muni Maharaj. Both started discussion on conduct and thinking. When several discussions started about soul, Ravan's heart and brain both attained solace and peace. King Ravan requested to him, "O Prabhu! You should come to our Lanka, is my desire." He said, "O Ravan! The time is not in it's favor to have a tour to you Lanka. I do not have the time remained even after the reflection (thinking) of the god." The King Ravan politely requested and touched his feet. The heart of a Rishi is generous even. He replied, "Great. I will come to you." Both the great persons got departure from there.

Showing several types of buildings, laboratories etc. King Ravan reached to the door of his son Narayantak at last, who used to travel the moon regularly and said to the Rishi, "Bhagwan! My son Narayantak makes the Moon Shuttle. Maharishi asked, "Say, in how much time you travels the moon?" He said, "Bhagwan! Within One day and one night, my moon shuttle reaches to the moon and withing in the same time it comes back to Earth again. This one is called 'Chandr Yan'. It is pronounced 'Kritak Yan' too. Bhagwan! I also have a shuttle of the type, when it revolves round the Earth, its image/picture comes automatically. I have machines named as 'Sombhaavkeeya Kirkit' too.

Having got departure from there, King Ravan as well as Kukkut Muni Maharaj went to the Hospital where Ashwini Kumar like Doctors reside. There were such type of Doctors, for the Foetus of a mother, on having very less strength or blood in her veins, they put the foetus for a long period of six months in an artificial place. Kirkit anaad, Sailkhanda, Praanni and Anetketu etc several herbs were got grinding to liquid. This type of medical treatments were there in Ravan's reign.

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