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Divya Ram Katha Part 89 : Ravan's Death Part 2

Divya Ram Katha Part 89

Ravan's Death Part - 2

I have it's remembrance, an attempt was made to invite Lord Shiva. Maharaja Hanuman as well as Maharaja jamvant both moved from there changing there attires and reached to mountain Kailash. Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva both were present there. Maharaja Shiva welcomed them and said, "Come O dears." Both of them sat there. The conversation started. They said a sentence, "Maharaj! It is being the war between Ram and Ravana. The family of Ravana is about get an end. O Prabhu! You are a teacher of their nation and you had a great affection for that family. Why are you not using your strength for their help? Maharaja Shiva said, "O Scholars! I am not helping them because a king who moves away from there principles, who attains other form from his targets, a wise as well as a thinker should not go to help them." They asked, "Do you accept the death of King Ravana then? Do you have it in your mind?" Maharaja Shiva said, "Yes. This one is in my mind because I remember I have been very near to that family. King Ravana misused the society by not protecting the character of the Society."

To the heart to Lord Shiva, an imagination awoke - He said, "It seems, you are other than the scholars." They clarified their identifications that myself Hanuman and myself Jamvant. He said, "Its ok, How do you come here?" They said that, "O Maharaj! We came here because Lord Ram has invited you. Say your thoughts in his meeting what to do about it. Because your affection has been on the kings of Ayodhya too. You had an excellence in Raghu Dynasty too." He said, "It's all right. It's very lovely. I shall move from here." Through their planes, while wandering, Lord Shiva came to King Ram. The second day started, and for the secret meeting that is to be held, he attended it and the conversation started.

While it was being the conversation, Lord Ram prayed to the feet of Lord Shiva, and said, "Bhagwan! How can I destroy Ravana? Tell me through your words, What should I do?" He accepted it  and said, "O Ram! You may not win Ravan." He asked, "Why?" Because it is said in his naval nectar. Firstly he has performed Yoga in his childhood. Afterward he came in touch with me, I had given him an instrument, and I had given it to queen Mandodari and that one has a speciality. In his national home, in the middle column of that home, this instrument is fixed. That instrument has the attachment to his naval that is why any weapon may not attack him at all. When he spoke like it, Ram said, "O Maharaj! Then how is it possible?" He replied that Jamvant and Hanuman both are of this kind, who by praying queen Mandodri, because Mandodri is pious, charitable as well. If she donates you her husband, only then it is possible to win him in any times. Else you can never win him at all.

Lord Shiva said, "O Ram! It is clear to you that Markandey Rishi Maharaj had constructed that instrument. You too had heared it, when we looked it after moving to the space." Once both Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were sitting. Parvati was looking in the space something. When she looked with her divine eye, an instrument was seen in the rays of Sun moving. Mother Parvati said to Lord Shiva, "What is this I am looking in the space?" He said, "Let us move O Devi! Let us look it. Then Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati moved to the space with their plane. While moving they reached to the place where the attraction power of Earth and Moon meets. There was an instrument present. And in the instrument, Maharishi Markandey and Maharishi Sonak Muni were making research there. There it was invented to which they gave us. We donated it to Ravana. "Yanaam Brahmah Kritam Devahah" Now Maharaja Shiva said, "I have given it to him, if you can, take it back from him else he can not be killed."

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