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DRK Part 86 : Generous Behavior of Ravan on Ram's Arrival

Divya Ram Katha Part 86
Generous Behavior on Ram's Invitation

An Unknown True Incident 
(It was removed at the time of Jain Reign from our Original Ramayan Grantha that was written by Maharishi Balmeeki Ji)

The King Ravan's Guru ( Teacher) was The King Shiva whose subject was very uplifted. It was very scientific. This type of King who helps Ravana, why should he not get the victory at all. Vibhishan spoke, "O Ram! How much counting of Rams may come to Ravana, you will not have a victory on him." Thereafter Ram said, "O Brother! Then what shuould I do, I do have the victory on him at any cost." He replied, "O Bhagwan! You should perform the Yagya Ajaymedha. It must be performed with the correct method. All the herbs of the offering metrials should be collected, the Ghee should be gathered. But the Yagya will not be successful till when Ravan will not be elected as the Brahma (head performer) of the Yagna."

Hence after Ram said to him, "Brother! How will it happen? How will my enemy come to my doors". Vibhishan said, "See! Ravan is the scholar of all the four Holy Vedas. If you yourself will go to invite him, he shall complete your yagya obviously."

Having gathered whole the offerings, Ram and Laxman made a plan to invite Ravana. Both of them, while wandering reached to the doors of Ravana. Ravan has not seen them before it, that is why there could not be their identification of any type to Ravan. At that time being present to his court he was performing justice.Seeing the justice of that time, Ram told Laxman that"Ravan is very much great politician/ statesman. See! How much finely  he is doing the justice. If we want to invite him, how should we do?" Both of them stayed silently there for some time and when the justice finished, they went to him. RAvan said to them, "Say Bhagwan! How have you come here? What is the prayer?"

Ram : Bhagwan! We are performing an Ajaymedh Yagna. According to the rules of the Vedas, you should arrange and finish it.

Ravan: Tathastu (The same will happen)! As is your desire, will be acted.

Ram : Bhagwan! The Yagna is being performed on beach of the ocean and we came here to invite you. We can not come tomorrow. On the third time of the day, kindly be present there youself.

At that time Ravan accepted the words of Ram. Both of the brothers, while wandering, came back to the beach of the ocean.. We have herd from the mouth of Maharishi Balmeeki, and Maharishi Lomash Muni Maharaj has seen it, Ram and Laxman reached to his own place, and then whole of the offerings, ghee etc was gathered and a very peculiar, beautiful alter was constructed. So  much beautiful alter was constructed that was not explainable. It was to be seen, as Brahma has reached there from Brahma Lok. Now the second part of the day (9 am to 12 pm) too passed. Third part of the day started (12 pm to 3 pm) and Ravan was to be waited keenly.

After some time Ravan too reached to the great land through his Pushpak Plane where Ram has constucted the Yagna Shala (Alter). When he reached there, both the brothers welcomed him well and Ram elected him the Brahma (Main Priest) of the Yagna. After election of Brahma, the pious thread (Yagyopaveet) were worn, Ravan took the introduction of all of them then. On the time they said, O Bhagwan I am called Ram, I am called Laxman. When they pronounced their personnel, The King Ravan remained surprised. O what else it happened! O What a surprising, piculiar task it happened. At the time he said, when I am elected as Brahma of their Yag, it is my duty to complete the Yagya with the accurate methods of the Vedas. Then he said, "Thanks. Where is you wife?" Ram said to him, "O Brother! My wife is there in your home Lanka." Ravan said," O! If I do not perform the Yagna with the methods, I shall become a great sinner of the Gods. They have made me Cheif Priest of Ajaymedh Yagna, it is my duty to bring Sita and to complete the Yagna with the methods."

Maharaishi Balmeeki has said it, he, riding to his Puspak Plane, went to the door of Sita in Lanka and said to Sita, "O Sita! Move to the beach of the ocean, Your husband is performing a Yagna." Sita said to him, "O Ravana! You speaks bundle of lies everyday. Do You speak a truth on any occasion?" Ravan said, "No Site! Your husband elected me as Brahma of that Yagna."

When she got this order, she became very much pleased.

Anubhav Sharma

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