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Divya Ram Katha Part 87

Divya Ram Katha Part 87

.....Continued(An Unknown True Incident)

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When Sita got these words she became pleased and having riden to his Pushpak Plane she reached to the place where the arrangement of performing Ajaymedh Yagna was made. With a great pleasure, having reached there Sita, sat to the right side of Ram. And Ravana in the South became the Brahma (Cheif Priest) of the Yagna. Hereafter the Yagna started. With a great pleasure Ritrvij were elected, Ardhvyu etc. also were elected. The Holy thread (Yagyopaveet) were worn and the yagna starts now. We have herd, according to Rishi Balmeeki and Lomash Rishi, who have seen the Yagna, that it remained going on similarly.

When it was the finishing time of Yagna, Sita told Ram, “O Ram! You do performing yagna, do you have any thing in offering for Ravan or you don’t?” Rm said to her, “O Site! What do I have? What should I give him as offering?” Sita replied, “This one is a very wealthy King. He has the buildings of gold even. Jewels are piled there then how will this work be over?” She had a Jewellery (Kaudi Juda) with her. She gave it to Ram and said, “Take it Bhagwan! Welcome the chief priest with it. Ram accepted this Kaudi Juda of Sita. 

The Yagna was going on, after the finishing of it, with a full strength welcoming everyone was performed. Both Ram and Sita reached before Ravan, bringing this Kaudi Juda. Ravan said to Ram, “O Ram! I guess that this one Kaudi Juda is Sita’s. At that time Sita said, “O Brother! This one kaudi juda is not of mine at all. My father Dashrath once get it made as ornament for me. And it is utilized in this pious action now. What is of mine? At that time Ravan said, “O Site! I am accepting your offering of it. But I dont want to destory the decoration of anyone else. When this statement of Ravan was herd by the people,  all of them became bewildered and they said, “Oh! Ravan is very wise.”

After the completion of Yagna Ravan has told, “O Ram! It seems to me, your wishes will become true.” Having blessed, he told Sita, “O Site! If you wish, serve your husband, else move to my Lanka.” Sita said, “O Vidhata! You have become my father, Brahma till now. I am likewise either here or there. Bhagwan! I shall move with you.” It’s name is Relegion. Ram did not say at all, “O Site, Where are you going?” Then Sita sat on the Plane Pushpak of Ravan.

At that time, Ravan, pronouncing a hymn of Rigveda, told Sita, “ O Site! Today it  is clearly seen to me, that it is the time of my ruin today. My Lanka is about to be destroyed.” Sita said, “O Vidhata! Why are you being too anxious?” Ravan replied, “O Site! The great peoples of mine are about get an end now. One who has accepted a enemy even and after accepting, electing him as Chief Priest, absorbed his soul’s illumination, O Site! Why that one’s desires, wishes shall be unfulfilled? Today, it is clear to me that there will remain not a single man/woman in my Lanka. Having spoken these sentences, he started being worried a lot.

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