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Divya Ram Katha Part 88

Divya Ram Katha Part 88


Conversation with Mandodari

I have remembrance that Ravan's son Meghnad was killed and all the sons were killed then Maharani Mandodari made a question to Ravana, "O Prabhu! This dynasty of us has got an end but I could not understand that we are the persons who know the depth of Vedas, our culture has been Vaidic then what happened to it, Bhagwan! That our sons are killed before us.

Ravan and Mandodari both started conversation and thinking about it. Ravan said, "O Devi! You should say a reason of it even. I am not able to know it. I am filled with ignorance." The queen replied, "According to my view, one who bring wife or daughter of others with cheating, gets the result likewise." Ravana said, "No! Some other reason is there behind it." Mandodari said, "Prabho! It comes to my mind too that the learning of Vedas was there near us but we could not make the nation of good character. So we ourselves could not attain the Vedicism. 

When the queen said it, Ravana replied, "It might be there that I have done some taks in this world, the result of which is there in front of me." She said, "Prabhu! How is it so?" Ravan replied, "It is so because I have studied a lots of learnings in the world, but could not utilize them knowingly. Today I am in great ignorance while I know everything. I could not make society as well as myself according to Vedas. I could not make entered the character in the nation and when the character as well as restraint is destroyed, he/she gets an end at last.


When it being the war between Ram and Ravana, he could not be killed at all. At that time Lord ram called a meeting and King Jamvant, King Hanumaan, Laxman, and many more specialists were present in the meeting. And it was being decided how they will make a triumph on Ravana because Ravana was not to be defeated. At that time king Vibhishana said, "He has some instruments, the instruments are of the type that it has the relation with the queen Mandodari. If the instrument is taken from Mandodari, Ravan can be killed then. Those instruments were not be known by anyone. These were too secret. The instruments had the property, to whom it is related, the vital air, that stay in the naval, the instrument was related to the it. Being related to it, he/she gets the energy through those atoms of the instrument. They said how they could get the instrument. Vibhishan replied, "Maharaja Shiv can describe it's trick to you."

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