Thursday, April 17, 2014

To Find The Target

ॐ हिरण्यमयेनपात्रेण  सतस्यापिहितम् मुखम्|
योऽसावादित्ये पुरुषः सोअसावहं ॐ खम् ब्रह्म ||यजुर्वेद||40||17 
Om Hiranyamayen Patren Satyasyapihitam Mukham
Yoasavaditye Purushah Soasavaham. Om Khambrahm.||Yajurved||40||17

The mouth of truth, reality is covered with golden membrane. To the arrow of ascetic mind, with the bow of adoring soul, putting on the thread of Vital Air, O Dear! Find the target and entangle the cover to find the truth. We know that mind is the medium of knowledge, vital air is the medium of doing attempt. We should entangle our goal by our full strength and to entangle the goal it is necessary to become ascetic. The goal has the greed improving gold as to mislead the shooter.

In this world for any kind of action there are two aspects-
1.   Tendency
2.   Accomplishment

Tendency of any kind of deed gives pleasure as well as sorrow on every new step. Similarly accomplishment or becoming away from the goal gives sorrow in place of pleasure of tendency and pleasure in place of sorrow of tendency. So we came to know that pleasure and sorrow both are must in this world so leaving this matter of sorrow and pleasure we should choose our goal and should become busy in our tendency route of our target.

Mother nature has three types of properties-

1. Sat        -        Knowledge
2, Raj        -        Action, Discipline
3. Tam       -        Ignorance, Stay

So while finding our goal, we must have Sat property in us. This one property we get by simple food and herbal medicines. We should know that Raj is superior to Tam and Sat is superior to Raj. So we should try to get upper one to improve us. Actually what we ask from mother nature we get. If we ask for blood and flesh the mother earth gives us so. If we ask for Sat food the mother earth gives us so. Mother earth respects the wise by these types of food. So to get our target we need to ask for Sat food from her.

If we are pure, innocent, honest and true to our actions the success is near us. Nothing is impossible to this kind of person.

Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'