Monday, July 14, 2014

Life With Spirituality and Moh

The machines of body that the god made is full of a lot of peculiarities. It is said-

"Har Sharir Mandir Sa Pawan, Har Manav Upkaari Hai." 

(Every human body is pious like temple and every human being is beneficent.)

In these machines like human bodies, the god made working organs, sense organs, mind (thinking power), brain (decision making power), sub conscious, self conceit and the soul and the god himself stay within it.

The question arises what the spirituality is? The science of five working organs, five sense organs, mind, brain, subconscious, self conceit, soul and the god, o friendz, is called spiritual science.

In this post, I am discussing about a particular pecularity of the mind from different types of peculiarities.

It is said that by the mind because of desires, anger, greed, affection, self conceit etc. we use to think about which one, the generated waves of mind effects that particular one. Now I am proving it by the method of science-

Mind is the smallest particle of the nature.
When we think with the mind, it vibrates.
A vibrating body produces waves - Physics

So when we think from the mind, waves will be generated and as the rule of the god, it will move to the person about whom we are thinking. So by only thinking about anyone may move the flow of waves to that particular one. O Readers! Is it not the specialty of the rules of the world created by the god himself.

Likewise an affectionate person uses to get the waves of affection regularly. Because when he emits waves of affection on the different kinds of persons, he will surely get too. It is said that the affection never use to be one sided. Its reason is this one science. Because this strange world of the god is high with the eye of the science too.

Let there is a young girl. She uses to emit the waves of affection on several men. Because the nature of a mother uses to be affectionate. Now if man starts affection for her, the affection may become high naturally but as an effect the crazy nature of both will arise. And when after some time they both will come to know the reality, the affection will attain the place of hatred. Because any lady or any man is not the property of any single one. And it too is not so that that girl loves only that one. So loving that girl by that man is a great foolishness. Swami Dayanand Ji has Said-

"Malmay Striyadikon Main Asakti Rakhna Murkhon Ka Kaam Hai"

(Having affection in ladies etc, full of frailties, is an action of fools.)

And that affectionate man must pass through the punishment of affection too. This punishment is given by the god himself as the result of Affection.

But if there no affection exists in the world, the world may not move likewise, So as the education I say that we should not perform affection in excess.And very light affection must be there within us. We must be dutiful to others in place.


Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav Sharma'

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