Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miracle of Yoga : By Lord Krishna

As you know there are a lot of gods, prayed in our religion. According to my knowledge, there is only one supreme power and all others are too much enlightened souls that they are said to be a god in this world. Almighty, omnipotent, omnipresence god is only one and I pray to thee as those highly illuminated persons whose spirit was too sublime and powerful and the god granted them with too much miraculous virtues, that they too are said to be god, prayed Him. Ram, Krishna, Shiv, Hanuman etc were too much near to Him that He gave them a lot of powers which are not possible to get by a common people. Ram and Krishna were the souls, who were near salvation. They took birth in this world to improve the condition of society.
You will be amazed to know that first Manu of this present Universe was too the soul of this Lord Krishna. Actually Krishna knew two types of Yoga. First is sublime yoga and the other is Bhrishta Yoga. With the help of sublime yoga, he shows his miraculous gigantic form before his pupil Arjuna. This type of task is very common to a yogi.
Now I am narrating a story related to Bhrishta Yoga as found in our mythology and this story is aptly true.
Once, at the time of exile of Pandavas, Mata Draupadi got a miraculous pot (it was invention of science and she got it from a Rishi : Actually rishi is that person who is super in both fields - spiritual and physical science). The property of this pot was that the food, in this pot not ended till she did not eat herself. With the help of this pot Yudhishthira was performing a great Yajna(obligation) in the forest where a lot of saints used to eat food and meet them at the time of Yajna regularly.
When Duryodhan came to know that Yudhishthira is performing a great yajna and uses to feed the saints with the food he thought how is it possible and became full of jealous. He made a plan in his mind and invited Durvasa Muni who was famous for his anger. He generally used to curse the others because of this property. He entertained him with good food and giving him a lot of gratitude. After that he asked him for a boon. Having got too much respect and entertainment, he granted him a boon and said that he might ask whatever he wanted. Now Duryodhana got a chance to destroy the yajna of Yudhishthira. He requested Durvasa to go to see the yajna of Yudhishthira and urged to curse them. Because Durvasa Rishi has promised, he had to grant this boon to Duryodhana.
Now, with his pupils, Durvasa went to see the yajna of Yudhishthira. On the way, he met some saints who were returning from that place after getting food and entertainment. Durvasa asked the saints the source of food how they arranged. They told him that Draupadi had a miraculous pot in which the food did not end until she herself ate. Durvasa made a plan to curse Pandavas. He with the help of Yoga, came to know that Draupadi has taken her food and now it is not possible for her to give them food if they suddenly reach there. Now, he, as well as his pupils reached there where Draupadi was alone because Pandavas had gone to visit some another place. Draupadi entertained them all with polite words and asked “Maharaj! How can I serve you?” Durvasa got the chance and told her, “O my daughter! We are very hungry, we need food as you are doing yajna and feeding a lot of saints everyday. If possible, please give us some food.”
Draupadi at once understood that Durvasa had some different reason of begging food in obligation. After thinking a while, she replied, “Sir! You may go to river for bathing, till then I shall arrange food for you.”
They all went to the river for bathing. Now Draupadi has guessed the ill thoughts that were contained in Durvasa, she thought that he came to them to curse Pandavas.” Draupadi was so scholar a lady, she knew her seven past births. Then she entered the place where weapons of war were arranged in order and took a knife to kill herself as to save the Pandavas from the anger of Durvasa.
Thanx God! Lord Krishna reached there at the same time. He told her, “O my dear sister! What are you doing?”
Draupadi replied, “O Krishna! Durvasa has reached here to curse the Pandavas. He needs food but I can not arrange it. He will surely grant them all curse. That is why I was getting suicide.”
After inspecting the situation, he said, “Draupadi! I am very hungry, give me something to eat.”
“O brother! You are in the mood of humor; I do not have even a single bit of food.”
“Plz give me that pot.”
She gave him that pot; Krishna searched a piece of rice in it. He ate it and said, “Now, my hunger is about to end.”
And with Bhrishta Yoga, he made the effect of that rice onto those visitors. Now Pandavas too returned back. They asked Krishna for well being of him and his family. After some formalities Krishna told Bhima to go to river bank and bring them all from there. He advised him to bring club(Gada) with him too and added if he refuses, bring him here with the fear of club. When Bhima reached the river bank, all were lying on the bank as they all were full and not feeling any hunger as Krishna has done it with Bhrishta Yog. Bhim requested Durvasa to come with him as they have asked for food to eat. Durvasa was rishi, and a rishi never frightened of any one but because there was sin of giving them curse within his mind, he at once, with their pupils, started moving. Bhima was following them with that club. Now he was moving to Pandava’s cottage, with the fear.
When Durvasa reached there, Krishna said to Draupadi to ask him whatever thing he wanted.
After giving him mat to sit comfortably, Draupadi said Durvasa, “O sage! Please tell me which thing do u like to eat in lunch?”
He thought that even he has no hunger but he will have to ask for something, in case, he can give them curse because he knew very well that they have nothing to give for eating. So he knowingly asked a non-seasonal fruit – mango.
Having so listened, she came back to Krishna and said that he is asking for mango. She added that now he shall curse Pandavas because mango is a non-seasonal fruit and it is not possible to offer such a fruit at this time.
Krishna gave her consolation and said, “Ask him, which type of mango he wants to eat – ripen or raw?”
Draupadi went there and asked him the same.
On hearing it he suspected if they had mangoes. So he thought he should order that mango which they did not have. He, after thinking for a while said, “I want both raw and ripen.”
Draupadi goes to Krishna “He is asking for both types of mangoes.”
Krishna said to Draupadi, “Request him to stay there with his mouth opened upward, both types of mangoes are about to reach.
Similar words she told Durvasa.
Durvasa opened his mouth in upward direction. Now with the help of Bhrishta Yoga, what Krishna did? –
Near his mat, a tree of mango started growing; slowly-slowly it changed to a big tree. Now fruits started appearing. Some remained raw and some changed to ripen mangoes. Now the wind started flowing hard and the fruits began to fall from the tree. When ripen drops on his face, his face became full of ripen material contained within it. When raw mango dropped on his face, he used to almost cry hard. His face got swelling soon. He was now completely confused and in pain, he requested Mata Draupadi, “O my daughter! Please help me.”
Krishna told Draupadi to ask him if anything else he needed. When Draupadi asked him, he said, “O daughter! I don’t need anything except my life.”
After some time Krishna stopped it.
Now Durvasa forgot giving them curse and left that place and within his mind, he blessed Draupadi and all Pandavas. When he was walking on the way towards his ashram, he told his pupils, “O sons! We should not promise any cheat like Duryodhana for anything. These Pandavas and Draupadi were very generous and sublimated. I determined to curse them for the sake of Duryodhana. This I did wrong. I think that all the positive actions of my past seven births came to an end through this wrong behavior.
So O dear readers! We should know actual Yoga and should not help any wicked person. Krishna did a lot of miracles through Yoga. This yoga is very great thing. A lot of wrong facts are accustomed in place of real yoga in this world. I am telling you one thing about me now; I too have gained a lot of things in yoga, which is miraculous for a common person. But it happens. I am firm about it because it is my own experience. See U later in next post.

Anubhav Sharma
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  1. Hi Anubhav,

    Thanks for the story. I knew the first part. The second was new. There is a subtle message in the 1st part itself. How can it be that a pice of rice given to Krishna is enough to satisfy the hunger of all those sages? The allegory is that when Krishna is fed, the really needy are fed and it doesn't take much to feed Him and through Him to those needy. It is greater than feeding the sages, though meritorious in their own way, still are susceptible to the worldly urges, like the anger of Durvasa. It is similar to the way Jesus satisfied the hunger of many thousands with a little of bread. How much one digests is as important as how much one intakes. That is why some saintly people can live in austerity because they absorb all of the blessings that the world gives for free and whatever little that they get as salary for their service.

  2. Dear Anubhav
    Where did you read this story?
    Can you cite the reference?

    And what type of Yoga you practice?