Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Death?

There are certain facts which are beyond our logic and need to be investigated. Death is such kind of  fact. Actually death is quite different thing what we think about it.
As we know  that in this world death is essential thing for every one to whom we see, we try to escape this fact and make us busy in our normal behavior of anger, desires, greed, love and proud etc. We do not think about our forthcoming death.
If we want to win death, we can. Do you know this fact? I shall tell you something about it.
Actually for scientists and Yogis, death is not dangerous. A rishi has said that there is death in ignorance and there is life always if we have true knowledge. This knowledge, in very less quantity, I am trying to tell you.
Suppose a person dies. As we know that body is made of five things- water, air, fire, space and soil. After death, the body of these five fundamental elements can be seen and we can not say that this body is dead. The body is not dead, it only stops working. All parts of the body, according to biology, can be seen as it is. But here our mythology say that this body is not working now because soul has left it.
When we think about body, this body is made with the help of food, he had eaten and other supporting things such as light, heat, air and water etc. Now all the atoms of body remains same. And as we know according to  atomic theory that atoms neither can be created nor be destroyed, all the atoms of body except that soul can be seen.
Now, the soul is immortal, as it is  the statement of Vedas and said by the God  himself. The soul moves towards another place after leaving this body. But, now, the soul is not that person.
If we understand the existence of soul clearly, we can not say that it is dead.
Then O dear reader! tell me who is dead?
Actually the soul after leaving this body moves towards those places or births for which it is fixed by God and this fixing is because of the works what he did in past. He has to go some other place. So it is only change of place and body. And when, with the help of yoga, we came to know that we take other births according to our past life, we do not fear of this death.
Time period for our living at any place is fixed and when the time ends, the soul leaves the body. So we should not have any fear from death because it will not come to us before time. So we should do our creative, good actions and prayers with out fear. As Sardar Bhagat Singh did. He and a lot of others gave their life for the sake of independence of their motherland. They knew about this fact else who can give his life for others?
Our mythology explains this fact. A lot of facts are written in Upnishadas about it and death is said to be in  ignorance. So let us improve our knowledge.
We can get the proof of these facts with the help of Yoga too.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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