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How to Attain Peace II

As Narada Muni was advised about Brahmcharaya, he asked a further question, "Maharaj! I would now like to know whether there is anything higher than Brahmcharya?"
Annah the Food
On so being asked by Narada, Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada food is higher than Brahmcharya. Worship food and this vegetable kingdom. Food gives us radiance and Brahmcharya. Food is sacred for us. Always be worshiping food.
Narad Muni said, "Is the food only greatest of all?"
Kamadhenu the mother Earth
Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "No Narada! The Earth is higher than the food. Invoke the Earth. She is our mother. We have two different mothers one bears the physical form; the other is the mother Earth (which rears the form from the womb to the tomb.) When we come out of the womb of the mother, we get into the womb of the mother Earth. Just as in the mother's womb we are fed and fondled through her mammore, we are reared and fed through different types of plants and foods in the lap of the Mother Earth. She blesses us. She is called 'Dhenu'(cow)[Kamdhenu is a mythological cow supposed to have belonged to sage Vashishtha from which all desires could be milked out.]. This Earth is called by several other names. O Narada! This Earth is our Mother. We are sustained in its womb. We should invoke the Earth. We should know her through scientific investigations. This Earth is so innocent that she accords us, according to our wishes, whatever object we contemplate upon. Raja Ravana's son Narayantak had said, "This Earth is so innocent that it is possible for one to become the type of scientist one likes. It accords peace of the Self to a spiritual seeker and knowledge of matter to the physical scientist." O Mother Earth! you are indeed Kamdhenu. You are the fulfiller of our desires. You are a Devi(one who gives). The Vedas have called you by that name.
The seekers in the realm of physical contemplated to seek for pearls out of the Earth. The Earth gave them the pearls. Whatever great things man sought for, he got them. O Mother Earth! We seek for Electric Energy. You are kind enough to give us the same. We think of a disciplined society, you mould us into a noble nation.
O Earth! We are indeed within your embrace. After coming out of the mother's womb we come into the embrace of the Mother Earth where we are able to cross the surging sea of this phenomenon world by doing righteous deeds.
After being so advised about the Earth, Narada asked Sanat Kumar, "Sir! I would now like to know if there is anything higher than the Earth?"
The fire principle:
Sanat Kimar replied, "Higher than the Earth is the Fire Principle which is pervading the cosmos; which is activating all the phenomena. The Principle causes rains which help in the growth of all forms of foods. When it acts on the seas, water-vapors rise. They form the clouds which yield rains. The rains help in the growth of the vegetable kingdom which the man consumes and transforms into Vital Energy(Brahmcharya). When this Vital Energy is preserved and sublimated, the memory sharpens. When the memory is sharpened  the sub-conscience is rendered pure and holy. This, in turn purifies the intellect which again sublimates the mind. When the mind is pure, the speech is made pure.  And when the speech is pure we are able to know the world with proper discrimination."
After this Narada asked, "Sir, What is then higher than the Fire Principle?"
Anteriksha the Space
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The space is subtler than the fire principle. Whatever word we pronounce, it permeates in the space. From the space it is picked up and interpreted according to our receptive intellect. The Medha Buddhi (subtler faculty of intellect) has a bearing with the space. The space is the promoter of our intellect. It prompts the life Principle to us. It promotes our life-span. It initiates the Air Principle. It initiates the Fire Principle."
Thereupon Narada Muni asked,"Sir, What may be still higher than the Space?"
Ambar the Cosmos
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! This cosmos is higher than the space. Look! How many worlds known as the Lunar Sphere, the Solar(sphere), Dhruva Mandal(Pole Star), the Saptarishi Mandal(sphere), Bhoor, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Maha, Jana, Tapah and Satyam Mandals(sphere). Similarly there are the worlds known as the Aruni Mandal, Augusta Mandal and the Achang etc. All these worlds remain in the womb of Cosmos and exercise their influence in their respective spheres."
Narada  Muni asked, "Sir, what is higher than the Cosmos?"
Prana the Real Force
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The prana is higher than the cosmos. The prana is pervading every creature in this phenomenon world. The prana is motivating the world. It is working in collaboration with the Atma(soul). This prana is activating the inanimate Nature. O Narada! you invoke the prana. This Prana is the prompter of your spiritual peace.
Parmatma the Supreme Being
Munivaro! After upto prana, Narada Muni kept mum and only observed that he was experiencing the spiritual peace. Thereupon Sanat Kumar added, "O Narada! There is some entity still higher than the Prana. And that is the Supreme Being. He is the one who only motivates Prana and who only blesses the Atma (soul) Principle in us. O Narada! If you want the spiritual peace, you should go in His refuge."
Narada Muni became quiet and wondered as to how much inspiration he had received that from the sage who had instructed him with so much of knowledge concerning the physical science and also the spiritual wisdom.
So O dear readers! this is the end of Narada Muni and Sanat Kumar conversation. This conversation is very much inspiring both in the field of spiritual and materialistic(physical) science.See U in the next post.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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