Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to view the God

With the help of Yoga, we can view the God. Firstly, let me explain all eight 'Chakras' of our body. First chakra named muladhar(fundamental chakra) exists in our body near reproductive organ. Second chakra is naval chakra near naval. Third chakra is near our heart called 'Hriday chakra'. Fourth chakra is in our throat called 'kanthchakra' Fifth chakra is near our nose called 'Nasika chakra'. Sixth chakra is in our forhead called 'Agya chakra'. Seventh chakra is in our skull on approximately top of our body, called 'Brahm Randhra'(Supreme hole) and the last chakra which is in our backbone named pushp(flower) chakra. In our body there are nine holes to which you can count yourself. There are ten things in our body that work. Five sense organs and five working organs. I shall tell you what they are. Five sense organs are - 1. Skin that touches, 2. Eyes that view, 3.Nose that smells, 4. Ears that hear, 5. Tongue that tastes. Now five working organs are - 1. Hands 2. Legs 3. Mouth that eats 4. Reproductive organ 5. Anus. Now if we want to become a Yogi, we need to regulate all our working and sense organs. Now I am explaining you Ashtang Yog. In it there are eight types of work we have to complete. First is Yam then niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and samadhi. After yam, niyam comes in which the following parts are there - Shoch (Cleanliness), santosh(to be satisfied), tap(to do typical and difficult work), Ishwar pranidhan (thinking about god), swadhyay (study). When we finish and go forth after finishing all these yam & niyamas, we should accept asanas(exercise) and pranayam(to regulate life wind). Now dharna(make a target), dhyan(to concentrate ourself on a particular target) and samadhi(to become one with god). In this samadhi we can learn and experience a lot of things which we can not be familiar in common times.
Now, we become able to concentrate our life wind and mind, by which a plane type thing is made. Now we move this plane from fundamental chakra to upper chakras slowly-slowly- At last when this plane comes to pushp chakra, we can view the God.

Thanking you
Anubhav Sharma
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