Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is Education Essential for Children?

We should arrange a good education for our child. But if we do not arrange teaching for them, what will happen. Is it necessary to educate them?
As well versed person is said to have a kind of power with him, education is a power. There are different kinds of powers such as - power of mind, power of money, power of knowledge, power of body, power of having place in government or being part of our government and so on. So, we shall have a kind of power if our parent have given us or arranged education for us. With the help of education, we can get jobs, we can attain a respectable place in society and we become able to take our normal decisions ourself. It is very important to get education. If we search in our religious or philosophical books, we find-
Mata shatru pita vairi yen balo na pathyet, Na shobhte sabha madhye hans madhye bako yatha.- Bhartrahari
This verse says-
The parents are enemy of their children who do not give them education because they do not win the meetings and look like a donkey in the meeting of horses. In this verse metaphor is used.
Money, invested for the education of our child will not be in vain. Instead, it is a type of deposit. When our child becomes scholar after getting well education, he gives us fame, earns money and much more. As we know it -Vidya dadati vinayam- The knowledge gives us politeness as said by some scholar, is aptly true.Thus politeness is very much useful for us or for the parents. Because of politeness of our son or daughter, we get a lot of pleasure.
That is why we should invest money, as required for the education of our child with free hands.
Some other said, 'Vidya dhanam, paramam dhanam' means wealth of knowledge is the supreme wealth. This statement seems us true.
We should think for a while, if we do not arrange any education for our child, he/she will become a foolish person to whom we are giving to this society. Our contribution for the society must be good not such kind of person should be given to it. It's our duty to help the society by giving it minimum a well versed person.
Now  I am adding one more fact related to this topic. As everyone wants to get success hurriedly, it is important to know how to get it so. If we want to get quick success, we should mingle spiritual science with materialistic (physical) science.
We should think about our old age too, if our children are well versed, we shall not get any type of sorrow there because an educated person is always helpful to others. Surely he will be helpful for us at that time.
As we know,'Avashyamev bhoktavyam kritam karma shubhashubham' -We have to get the fruit of every good or bad action, we should invest our money on our children so that in future it may give us the fruit of pleasure and our children should be able to earn a lot of money for us too.
This was about education for children. We should educate them by investing our hard earned money but we should not let them remain uneducated at any cost else we behave just like an enemy of them. By these concluding words I am stopping my pen.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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