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Salutation for Cheat & How to Attain Peace I

We should salute our pranas(life wind). Salutations not only to the pranas but to the wicked people. Salutation to cheat also. But how to salute the cheat? Do not salute him with folded hands. If u are confirmed with a cheat or a wicked man salute him with a stick and prove to him that u are firm and rigid  at ur stand. At that time u should salute with the stick.
Vedas have obtained Namaskar(salute) to the lion also. But the lion is offered it in two ways. The one who has realised the Atma(soul) essence offer's Namaskar with love, compassion.
Once Lomash Muni was passing through Kadli forest. The lion came and rolled at the sage's feet. What is the limit  of the strength of that Atma(soul) before which even the lion starts rolling in humility!  Similar account we get from mother Gargi's life. Once she was going on to see Maharishi Yagyavalkya. In  the way a lion came and saluted the mother Gargi and rolled at her feet.
In the vedas salutations have been ordained for various contexts. Our preceptors, visualizing in different ways have expressed in many a beautiful phrases. Salutations to the Pranas! O pranas! you  are holy and wholesome. You pervade within us. We want to be wholesome. Today we invoke that prana with which our Yogis, having mastered their mental impulses and dwelling in the 'Mooladhar' (Chakra near reproductive organ) and the Supreme hole, achieved Yogic perfection. Today we urge for that prana.
O readers we have to be unselfish. We have to realize God. We have to give up our shortcomings. If there are various types of evils in our mind, there is selfishness and along with we be worshiping God, then it will be of no use. It will be beneficial only when we try to go in God's lap while behaving unselfishly. Today we have to purify our conscience.

Now I am narrating a story that is taken from the sermons of Maharishi Shringi (Brahmchari Krishndatta Ji), my spiritual Guru. It is related to Narad Muni and Sanatkumar's conversation.Once, for some reason, the divine sage Narada suffered from delusion. He thought that he should move out and get delusion removed. Having left his place, he approached Maharishi Papri Muni Maharaj, who offered him a fitting welcome and asked whether he was at peace. Narad Muni said, "Sir, where is peace? Today I am suffering from delusion. I am not able to get peace of the self. I am desirous of the same." Thereupon Maharishi Papri Muni Maharaj observed, "Sir, in my opinion you should approach Maharishi Sanat Kumar. You will surely get the peace of the self."
Having been so directed, the divine sage Narada moved out and reached at the door of Maharishi Sanat Kumar. Maharishi accorded him a great welcome and offered to him an elevated seat while requesting him to occupy it. Narada Muni took the seat. Maharishi Sanat Kumar observed, "The divine sage Narada! your heart seems not full of bliss. Where has your humor gone? Thereupon Narada Muni submitted, "Maharaj! Today I have come to touch your feet so that I may get the peace of the Self." He asked "Why do not you have peace of the Self?" Narada regretted his inability to point out the reason.
Then Sanat Kumar asked, "Apprise me as to what branches of knowledge you have known and what you have not known." At that time Narada replied, "Bhagwan! I have studied the six schools of Philosophy, the four Vedas, the sub-Vedas, Mathematics and all other sciences but I am not able to get the peace of the Self."
Phenomenon of peace of the Self

Having so heard form Maharishi Narada, Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada! All this knowledge is of a very high order. This only will bless you. The knowledge is most absorbing and wonderful. You dive deep into it. This will make you one with the world.
Narada asked, "Maharaj! I want to know whether there is any other thing greater than this knowledge in the world?"
On this enquiry, Maharishi Sanat Kumar said, "Yes, there is a thing greater than this. And it is speech. Today you should worship speech. Speak the truth. Whatever expression you utter, it should be truthful. By speaking the truth, the speech will become forceful and radiant. Maharishi Shringi never spoke a single word of lie and falsehood for 84 years. Whatever he said, must happen. If he proclaimed death for a man, the man must die. O, Narada! Maharishi Atri Muni observed truthfulness for 120 years in his life If he said to a flying bird that it should come to him, the bird had to come to him. O Narada! This speech is a very significant thing. Do not indulge falsely with it, your speech will be charged with force and radiance. This speech is such a thing that it can take you to God head. This is that invaluable asset which can help you cross the sea of this phenomenon world. You worship speech. Speak the truth."
The divine sage Narada said," Maharaj! I would like to know whether there is anything higher than speech?"
Sanat Kumar advised, "There is a thing still higher than speech. And that is mind. This mind is very significant. It moves faster than even Vayu(air). This mind can take you to Indra-lok(Heaven). Stabilise this mind; This will take you to great heights."
In this context the serious thinkers have analysed that when a man sees anything handsome, he does not see with the eyes. Rather he sees with the mind. The eyes, the pupil, the subtle conducting nerves and retina etc., are all the inanimate, instrumental things. It is the mind which gathers the impression. If this mind is stable the impression will be good. But if it is wavering, then it will lead to horrible movements. It will be instrumental for the man's death. A parable has come to my memory. Sanat Kumar told it to Narad. It  is a great metaphor.
There was a rich man. A servant approached him for service. The rich man asked,"What will be the salary acceptable to you?" The servant said,"Sir, I do not want any remuneration but I have a principle. When I should have no work to be done, I shall kill you." The rich man agreed to keep him in service and started entrusting him with various jobs one by one. As the master assigned the job, it was accomplished in no time by the servant. After some time the rich man got worried as he soon found himself nearing exhaustion of assignments for his extraordinary servant. Once he was going along  a path way. There he came across a wise man who asked the rich man for the cause of his wearsomeness. The rich man narrated the whole affair to the wise man and expressed his fear of being killed by his own servant as in immediate future there would be no work for the servant.
Thereupon the wise advised, "Brother! why are you engaging him in your own works? Engage him in the works of the world." Accepting the advice the rich man returned home and did accordingly. He asked his servant to be engaged in good works of the world. The servant found no limit to such works and the rich man was saved.
So is the condition of man's mind. If we keep the mind engaged in noble deeds and in the contemplations of God, we are safe. But, as soon as it is free to wander about, thoughts ravage indiscriminately, preparing for the doom.
Sanat Kumar said to Narada, "O Narada! you make your mind steady. Invoke the mind. It is a great entity. It will help you to realize God."
Narada Muni asked, "Sir! I want to know whether there is anything higher than the mind?"
Buddhi(The Intellect)
Sanat Kumar said, "O Narada! Intellect is higher than the mind. It is a gift of God. You pray to God that he should bless you by intellect so that you may properly discriminate the phenomenon world. This mind submits all the 'Vasanas'(latent desires) before the intellect. The intellect discriminates and gives its decision for our acceptance."
So, look! intellect is the guide of our life. We should act intellectually. This individual soul merges with the Supreme Soul after attaining the three types of intellect - Medha, Ritambhara and Pragya. Liberation is achiived. Now-a-days we do not contemplate for the development of three types of intellect.
After this Narada further said,"Maharaj! I would like to know whether there is anything higher than intellect?"
Antahkaran(the sub-conscience)
Sanat Kumar advised, "O Narada! The sub-conscience is higher than the intellect. You should make this sub-conscience sublime. By doing so your life will be sublimated. In this little and subtle sub-conscience all this entire planetorium of God is absorbed. The sub-conscience is so very wholesome. Merge your intellects in the sub-conscience.
There upon the divine sage Narada asked "Sir! I do not want any more elaboration upon sub-conscience. I want to know whether there is anything higher than this sub-conscience?"
Smriti(the memory)
Sanat Kumar now said "O Narada! The memory is higher than the sub-conscience. (Now Shringi Rishi Himself saying) Leave aside other thing. You take my life for consideration. Millions of years before I had learnt these Vedic Verses but today again according to my 'Karma', I am able to reproduce them before you. The impressions of several generations remain imprinted on our sub-conscience. Smriti constitutes in their sprouting forth.
After this Narada Muni futher probed, "Maharaj! I would like to know what is higher than smriti even?"
Brahmcharya the Vital Energy
Sanat Kumar advised, "Brahmcharya is higher than smriti. This brahmcharya accords radiance and splendour. It helps one to revel into Brahma(God). You should be a Brahmchari. If we do not observe Brahmcharya, then our life is only for name sake. O Narada! Mother Gargi has also spoken very high of Brahmcharya. She has observed, "Brahmchari is considered a great man in the world. He is full of radiance like the Sun. He is called the Mrityunjaya(one who conquers the death); He is called the Rudra(One who wins the enemies). We should observe Brahmcharya as it can win even death for man. Lomash Muni observed Brahmcharya throughout life. Now how long he lived and ultimately attained Liberation.
Maharishi Augustya, a great observer of Brahmcharya, achieved the distinct capability of drinking the sea in three sips. People have not understood the meaning implied therein. My revered preceptor Gurudev Brahma described to me this greatness of Maharishi Augustya. Which are those three sips? They are Knowledge, Action and Devotion (Gyana, Karma and Upasna). The sea is this phenomenon world.

The remaining part of attaining the peace, I shall publish later. See U in next post with the remaining part of this Narada Muni and Sanat Kumar conversation.

Thanking You
Anubhav Sharma
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