Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Guest is a God

When a guest comes to us with out any pre-information is called 'Atithi' and in our mythology 'Atithi' is compared to a god.
A guest who is full of spiritual light, truth speaker, well wisher of all, scholar and yogi when comes to our house, we should serve him with sweet and polite speech, food and different things of his interests. We should please him with these things. After that with conversation with him we should get knowledge of religion, getting money, completing our desires and getting salvation too. And we should make our character and actions according to his teachings. A ruler and other house masters are too the persons who may get full entertainment at our house.
A guest is called god [A god is that who gives something] because he after coming to our house gives us pleasure, different information or different things for our children etc. that is why he is called god.
Now we must understand well that every guest is not just like a god. The persons who criticize negatively the true knowledge, whose behavior is opposite the behavior decided by our constitution, liar, having actions like a cat who fills its stomach by snatching the rat etc at once from its place, are not the persons who may get entertainment. We should not entertain them even with our speech. We should not give them anything and should  not speak them a single word of politeness. Because if we serve them and think that he is a guest-god, we may loss our progress after getting the bad inspirations from their life. This type of persons act negatively and inspire others to do so that is why they are not able to get any entertainment. These persons are called 'Pakhandi'. We can look at the following verse which is taken from 'ManuSmriti':
Pakhandino vikramsthan vaidal vrittikan shathan. Hetukan vakvritteenshch vangmatrenapi narchayet.
Actually, the persons who are not able to get any entertainment should not be rebuked. Because if we become angry on them, it will not be possible to improve their behavior in future. So we should use polite words to every one but some situations need punishment too. So it is said that -
"Samay ke anukul karm karna chahie." Lord Krishna made this proverb true. which means, we should act according to the need of time.
Now, when we see the other phase of this thought we find that serving and protecting anybody else will not go in vain. For it, I am narrating a story which is related to Lord Manu.

Once upon a time, our first king, Lord Manu went to a river for bathing early in the morning. When he dipped his bathing pot into the river, a very small fish (child - fish) came into the pot with water. Manu looked at it. It was very frightened of other big fishes. It prayed to Lord Manu to save it from those big fishes. She told that they might eat her.[Actually Manu was a yogi too and a yogi can understand the language of other animals; their are some medicines that they used to take from plants to understand the language of different living organisms.] Now, Manu took it to his palace and he made a pond for it and leave it into that pond after filling it with fresh water. After sometime, when it became young and big enough, he left it into the river again.When, it was going towards sea, it told Lord Manu, "O king! u are the most kind king. I shall help you when you will need it. And it foretold that after sometime the earth will become full of water because the flood is about to come after some years. Then, I shall come to u and I too shall save ur life as u have saved mine." After some years, the flood came and as fish had promised it came to Manu. Manu had prepared a very big boat(ship) to save him with some more living organisms from this flood. Actually at that time the earth became full of water and there was no place except mountains where any human being might take shelter. Now the fish had grown to a very big fish. It took the ship of Manu to high hill areas and saved the life of Manu with their well wishers. Manu made a rule and said, "Save others, they will save you at your typical time." So we should protect everyone. We don't know who will help us at our opposite time.
Similarly serving others makes a man strong. Actually 'serving is the power of woman', is said by some scholar. Any work what we do never goes waste. That is why we should do something positive and should not waste our time.
We should behave every one politely except some wicked persons.
I have studied Urdu literature too. Similar story is found in this literature with some little changes.In that literature that story is found with name 'Nooh ki Kashti'.

Anubhav Sharma
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