Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sandhya III

Sandhya is that time when day and night meet. It comes twice in a day.
Now, in this third part of sandhya, I am narrating four hymns of Yajurveda with its explanations. With the help of these hymns, we use to feel nearness with the god that is why these hymns are called 'Upasthaan' verses-
Upasthaan Mantras
Om udvayam tamasaspari swah pashyant uttaram devam devatra suryamaganm jyoti ruttamam.
O god! u r away from ignorance, you have existence after the end of this universe too. U are present everywhere with miraculous and divine properties and u are supreme-soul who lives in both alive and non living things. We should get ur finest illuminated form with truthfulness.
Om udutyam jatvedsam devam vahanti ketavah drishe vishwaye suryam.
O most prosperous master of the world! U produce the whole prosperity and u illuminate the souls of living things. All the elements of this world works as flags to show ur divine properties and character. As the flags show the way to move any particular place, with similar account, rules of the universe and vedas etc. define u exactly.
Om chitram devana mudgadneekam chakshurmitrasya varunasyagne apra dyava prithvi antarikshagwam surya atma jagatastasthushashcha swaha.
O our master! You are always illuminated within hearts of scholars and yogis. We wish that you will be illuminated in our hearts. You are power of divine materials. So you give light to the persons those are without love and hate, the sun & life wind; means one who does high quality actions, life wind which take away things from body, life wind that distributes material in whole body, fire principle & different types of knowledges. You create dyau(stars like sun etc.), earth and the whole space, and operate them all. God! You are creator of living and no living-things of this world and you live within them all. As the vedas say we must attend the truth with our mind, speech and actions.
Om tachchakshurdevahitam purastachchhukramuchcharat pashyem shardah shatam, jeevem shardah shatam, shrunuyaam shardah shatam, prabravaam shardah shatamadeenah shardah shatam bhuyashcha shardah shataat.
O god! You, similar to eyes, are viewer from the indefinite time period, for the sake of scholars and the whole world having form of pure flame and present for everyone. We may see you for hundred winter seasons. We should be alive for hundred winters. We should listen Vedas, vedic literature and sermons with holy speeches. We should teach vedas etc. and explain truth for hundred winters. We should not be dependent till hundred winters and if we live more than hundred years, we should be alike.
See u in last post of Sandhya, Sandhya IV, in next post.

Anubhav Sharma
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