Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sandhya IV

Sorry! U had to wait for a long time for this IVth part of Sandhya. Actually I became too much busy in my daily tasks that I could not find the time for U. Well, now I am writing this part in which first let me repeat gayatri mantra and after that two more hymns:
Guru Mantra
Om bhurbhuvah swah tat saviturvareniyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhio yo nah prachodayaat||1, 19||
Meaning: O protector! truthful! Live! Joyful! Vital, reliever of sorrow, happiness provider God! We accept your all images which are as follows - en lighter of soul, full of scientific light, acceptable, purest,  who fulfills our every need. All these images would inspire our mind  to good and positive actions.
He eeshwar dayanidhe bhavatkrippya anen japopasnadi karmana dharm arth kaam mokshaanam sadya siddhirbhavennah||20||
O merciful god! By your kindness, by muttering prayers, devotion and actions; doing actions for the sake of others and true justice, to get worldly pleasure with religious deeds, to get prosperity and fruits with law(religion) and money [actually dharm(law), arth(money and prosperity), kam(to complete desires) and salvation all these four are accomplishments.]; we should become please by getting leave from all sorrows, bad habits, bad actions and bad persons[salvation].
Om namah sahmbhavaya cha mayobhavaya cha namah shankaray cha mayaskaraya cha namah shivaya cha shivtaraya cha||21||
O salvation provider and the house of salvation! O worldly pleasure provider god! We salute thee. You always do our best, O joy provider for your devotees! we salute thee. O sorrow taker and well wisher god! we salute thee many times.
Now before Sandhya I we should do some tasks. These are given below-
Achman(Taking Sips)
In the beginning, after reciting gayatri mantra, we should recite this Yajurveda verse-
Om shannodevi rabhishtaye apo bhavantu peetaye shayyon rabhi sravantu nah||2||
O omniprotector! full of divine prosperity and omni present god! for the sake of getting desired pleasure, for getting salvation(full pleasure - which is not worldly), for complete protection, you must be well wisher for us or you should do our welfare and always pour pleasure on us.
[we should take three water sips for this hymn]

To get power in our organs:-
Touching Organs(with water)
Om vak vak, (mouth)
Om pranah pranah (nose)
Om chakshuh chakshuh (eyes)
Om Shtotram shrotram (ears)
Om nabhih (Naval)
Om hridayam (heart)
Om kanthah (throat)
Om shirah (head)
Om bahubhyaam yashobalam (shoulders)
Om kartalkar prishtheh (Back of palms)
(Firstly touch left organ after right)

To make our organs pious:
Sprinkling(Water) on organs
Om bhuh punatu shirasi (Head)
Om bhuvah punatu netrayoh (eyes)
Om swah punatu kanthe (Throat)
Om mahah punatu hridaye (heart)
Om janah punatu nabhyaam (naval)
Om tapah punatu padayoh (feet)
Om satyam punatu punah shirasi (Head)
Om kaham brahm punatu sarvatrah (All organs)
Pranayaam Verse
Om bhuh, Om bhuvah, Om swah, Om mahah, Om janah, Om tapah, Om satyam.||5||
Vital, sorrow destroyer, joy provider, great, father of all, to whom we can know by the way of hardship, who is never-ending and truthful.
[Method of doing pranayaam will be published later I promise.]
See U in the next post soon.

Anubhav Sharma

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