Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behaviour of a Teacher

Teaching is a respectable and very fine profession. A teacher is really respectable and adorable. If we have respect for our teacher(Guru), we get spontaneous flow of knowledge from the teacher to the taught, this was pronounced by respectable Chandra Sir who had been teaching in R.R. Public School, Noorpur with me as a science teacher. He did well and am too much impressed by these words. Actually these are the teachings of Vedas too and told by some rishi.
In Sanskrit, it is told - 'Acharya Devo Bhava'. It is aptly true because he uses to distribute knowledge of different subjects that is why he is called 'Dev'. There are different subjects like Science, Maths, English, Hindi etc. which are taught in schools and the students use to study and learn all those with hard work and continuous thinking about their studies. You know that by continuously thinking about our studies we may do inventions too.
As you know, 'Guru Govind dou khare kake lagon paye, balihari guru aapno Govind diyo bataye', is aptly true. Our spiritual guru shows us the path of god that is why he is adorable even if in the presence of god. In vedas, the relation between teacher and taught is just like the relation between father and his son or daughter. A teacher for a student is very much respectable and praise worthy. Ignorant students can not understand it and that is the reason, the students, now-a-days do not have respect for them. Now-a-days some lower standard and victim teachers are not able to continue this pious type of relation between teacher and taught. As you know only a fish can make dirty the whole pond. This is the reason that this relation is sometimes seem very bad but we should not think about the whole system of teacher and taught like this.
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Anubhav Sharma

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