Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lord Ganesha : Part-2

Lord Ganesha Part-2

O Sages! See name of his vehicle is called mouse(Mushak) but it is feeling here (in our culture) that see the animal Vishachi, Chuha, Dhaaruni as well as Aaswaati; it has many synonyms but it may become vehicle is impossible. But his vehicle, what was that? The Rishi of Vedas says that that vehicle of Ganpati to which we say why that one is his vehicle? He is an animal, is called aaswaati who lives in hole but it is not so here Rishi of Vedas says ‘gyati brahma swaati laksham prabhe Aaswaati loko amritam brahma gyata’ that it is not his vehicle. The great king Shiva made a vehicle named as Mushak and constructed after penance. After gathering molecules he made vehicle named as Mushak. Mushak is that vehicle, on riding which a person may revolve the whole earth within a Kshan(a unit of time).

My dear Rishi described here Ganpati that Ganpati is the name of god(Supreme Power) and Ganesh Ji was the name of his (Shiva’s) son too. I do not have two considerations here. But here it is seen several aspects. Let his stomach was, which is the stomach was god Ganesh or Ganpati, that one is so high, that the whole universe live in the uterus of him. So it is the description of Ganpati that the universe stay in the stomach of God, the stomach of that God (Supreme Power) is so much wide. So what is the thought here that his stomach too was strong and the meaning of stomach, was this, in which the knowledge and science of te universe is contained, his stomach is generally considered high, wide. The sense of stomach is not only considered this skin. The sense of stomach means a person should have knowledge. Then a person say that how full of knowledge this scholar is!

Means our stomach must be so uplifted, so great that our stomach must not have any triviality. We must be of kind to make our stomach moved in knowledge and science. Our knowledge-science must be high. Who takes knowledge and science may move beyond this ocean of the world.

Truly yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavaanand'

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