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Maharaja Raghu : DRK Part 23

Maharaja Raghu

Son of Maharaja Dileep became popular with name Raghu. Maharaja Raghu 'Shambhavah Pravah Lokaam' too served cows. He made himself a queer donator.

Once O Sages! While wandering he reached to the cottage of Maharishi Vashishtha because he used to check his peoples if 'Is there any person of this kind where Grihashthas, Vanprasthas and Sanyasis(three of Four stages of life of aryans) are not performed systemetically? Are brahmcharis performing their duties well or not?"

When he was cheking up, it became night. He, stayed at the cottage of Maharishi Vashishtha which was there in dense forests. By that stay the Rishi cheered up and said to him, "Come Rajan! You are here at a favourable place."

Early in the morning both Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj as well as Mata Arundhati, after fininshing their daily routine, performed Brahm Yag (fancied god with his contemplation) and made preaching related to god. It was their duty  to give their celebacy attainers education of god (supreme power, Par Brahm here Brahm) and morality and to move towards god. Having given it, they made the adoration of gods (givers such as Sun, Moon, Parents, Hermits etc.) and with oblation materials, milk and butter (Ghee in actual) they performed Yag among Brahmcharis. After that Yag Mata Arundhati gave this statement, "O Brahmcharis! This one Yag is attached with spiritualism and materialism both, and both physical and spiritual sciences are contained within this Yag because when Yag is gone past from this world, all the acts of this world become naked. Meaning of being naked is that all types of ignorance come to it. And for this ignorance, human being moves towards death." These types of sermons continued to be given by Mata Arundhati.

When Mata Arundhati finished her words, Raja Raghu, Mata Arundhati, Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj and Maharishi Vrashtketu made conversation to one another. When they moved their thoughts like it, the king bowing his head told, " Prabhu! I want to determine it, I want to  perform 'Sarvasva Yag' in my kingdom. Whatever amount I have in my treasure, I want to perform Yag of that all." At that time Maharishi Vashishtha said, "O Rajan! You want to perform 'Sarvasva Yag' but the treasure of king is considered of peoples of nations. If any of them makes a question what your authority is to spend it for Yag, what will you do?" Then Raja replied, "Treasure is of the peoples and the peoples and Yag, we all are deposit of the God." Hearing this reply of the king, Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj became silent and said, "Rajan! You are thank worthy." That meeting with Brahmarishi became silent and the king accepted firmly to perform 'Sarvasva Yag'. Vashishtha Muni Maharaj told, "O Rajan! All of rishis, prudents, hermits of your kingdom must be called in a meeting and in that meeting this conversation must take place. All wise women and men too must be present compulsorily in this meeting. And after satisfactory conversation, as a result, you should perform that Yag." The king said, "Most lovable."

Raja Raghu invited all respectable nobles, prudents and scholars of Vedas. He invited Maharaja Shiv too who reigned in Himalayas.

 When the Yag started, at the place of King Raghu, election was made. Vashishtha Muni Maharaja was made Purohit (Priest), Maharishi Sakalya Muni Maharaj was made Acharya (teacher), Brahmketu as Brahma (Main Priest) and Maharishi Sheetal Vrenketu Vishwamitra got the designation of Brahmatva. Some more rishis such as Vrin etc. got their designations too. Some one was made Ardhavyu (second priest), any other Udgata (third priest) and some another one Vrit (who uses to speak). Now the Yag started.

To be continued....
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Anubhav Sharma 

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