Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sage Mahaveer

Mahaatma Mahaveer

When different communities began here, a person named as Mahaveer, took here an existence. He thought with philosophical intellect of his own, that it is being a great misdeed here. The philosopher Mahaveer thought the religion with philosophy and said, "Ahimsa Parmodharmah (Non violence is the super religion)" He did become a philosopher, he considered well a little part of Vedas, but did not learn the learning of Vedas. And without studying it, he declared that "the whole learning of Vedas, is a task to condemn, it is of no use." He said, "Statements of Learning of Vedas are not true." A little he pronounced about 'Ahimsa Parmodharmah' and proclaimed a little part of Vedas. But he said 'soul and supreme power both are the same. Neither any body else made this world not it is constructed at any place. This one is continued since infinitely back times. This soul may become God, at last."

Here a saint, Mahaveer Swami, dictated his doctrine (religion). But that dictation was full of disgust. Because of that one Mahaveer, hatred spreaded in the whole India. The hatred was not there in India before then. Actually this hatred had begun since the time of Duryodhan in real, but in the human beings the partiality in excess started in the time of Swami Mahaveer. In reality he was a sage. I do respect him. But his words had hatred. In further times his followers originated more and much hatred. As a result anarchy came to an existence. All the books which were contrary to his doctrine, the scientists which did not make any positive effect on their hearts were made the offerings of fire. They let not come to their sight, Vedic Literature or books of Vedas. So the reign of Jains was going on. Here the Indian books were offered to fire regularly. Vedas had 1127 branches but all of them were offered to fire. Some scholars had learned the 'Samhitaas' (books) orally so the custom of Vedas was continued. Actually Veda is called the knowledge of God, so generally it is protected.

There were a lot of smritis (code of Hindu law delivered originally by tradition) here, there were several writings such as 'Shatpath Brahmin' and see libraries of Maharaja Ghatotkach, Maharaja Abhimanyu, Maharaja Arjun and Bheem etc. which were remarkable with scientific methods to which modern men can not imagine even.

When the Jaini doctrine came here, the ignorance of severe types spreaded here. Then Bhagwan! Janis made to ashes all the books of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar Ages. When the libraries were burnt, what might be done? By some means the Vedas remained safe. These books were protected in some houses. Ah! From where I can bring that Learning, I ask you why we can not get those testimonials? These testimonials are not available because that library is destroyed now in which we might find the statements of ancient philosophers.

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