Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four parts of earnings

Once a wood cutter was passing through the forest singing loudly. At this, Narad Muni came to him and asked, "O wood cutter! Which type of pleasure you have within your heart that you are singing too loud?" The wood cutter replied that "I am very much happy because I use to divide my income, after selling the woods which I collect from the forest in four parts. First part I deposite for future, Second part I deposite for next lives, third I use in religious task from which I get pleasure and the remaining fourth I use for my family to which I find enough. This is the reason that I am too much happy. I find myself free of every type of debt."
Now Narad further asked "how is it possible that you are free of every type of anxiety through this type of distrubution of earning?"
The wood cutter replied that first part of earning I give to needy friends and relatives as debt to which I can get whenever more amount is required by me. The second part, I give to saints and devotees of god to which I will get in next births after death. It is a type of deposite which is returned back in next lives. The third part I use in religious tasks which give me pleasure a lot. Because money spent for the sake of god gives pleasure is well known truth. Now remaining money seems to me enough for the need of my family.
So O dear readers! we too should manage for expenditure of our earned money like this so that we may get pleasure everywhere.

See you in next post.

Anubhav Sharma

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