Thursday, February 13, 2014

Death of Death

When we perform Yag, the obligation material is gobbled up by fire, the fire is gobbled up by water, water by air and air by the space and then it stay within the supreme power. The god accepts our Yag as well as the faith that we have about the god while performing the Yag. We should have a very deep faith for the god and about his creations of the world. Because the god eats the feelings as the food of him.

In the world we become anxious about 'What is the death of death?' It is said by a Rishi in past that the death of death is the supreme power. Any 'Brahmvetta' who knows about this fact that the Brahm is the death of death may not afraid of the death ever. The death is nothing for him. Actually the death is the word of ignorance.

(The thoughts are taken from the sermons of Pujyapad Br. Krishna Dutta Ji)

Bhavanand Arya

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