Saturday, February 15, 2014

Letter to God

Dear and Respected Supreme Power God,

See O God! I do not have the accurate knowledge about you but what else I have known about you from the books of the scholars that your main name is OM.

Hi God!

Now a days I am suffering problems so please give me three boons and a blessing that
1. My earnings must be 20000 per month so that I may teach my daughter Shruti myself.
2. Let me get rid of the court cases bundle of lies, started by my trivial past-wife Radha, brothers-in-law and the pig father-in law.(This desire should be fulfilled the soonest)
3. Myself must have my own loveable lady who may live in my heart whole of the life and must have the behavior as well as other things just like me.(No need to fulfill this desire now)
O God give me blessing that I may get the developments in both material science and spiritual science and may get development in Yog and knowledge both that I may become successful to know the soul whose name is Vishnu too.

And O God give me curse too because I am not too much good that much the world thinks about me. But you know everything o god! I have frailties besides the qualities too much that it sometimes seems to me to disclose all that secrets in front of the world. O god please think a lot this writing of mine.

Thank you god
Please have a little pity for me that I may get your love.

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Your own
Anubhav Sharma or Bhavanand

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