Friday, February 7, 2014

O Supreme Power God!


The god is always unseen. 
He exists but in invisible mode.
Any microscope can not view the soul even.
Then how is it possible to view the god?

He is like the space, like wind.
To which we feel and can't view.
He is known by meditated wisdom. 
It is the fact according to my view.

No idol is possible of Him.
He never takes birth as man
He can complete all works of him,

Like killing Ravan or Kans,
Without taking birth and coming to death,
Because he is omnipotent.

I Love you my respected.
You are Maan Durga.
You are Maan Kali.
You are Father Ram.
You are Father Krishna.
You are Father Shiva.
You are Father Brahm.

Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva 
And my guru were very high but
You are Ram cause you live everywhere (rameti).
You are Krishna cause you are Maha Yogi.
You are Brahma cause You made the world.
Your main name is om cause you do everything for us.

O dear Father I love you
I want to get some properties of you
And I shall surely get
If you want
Else nobody can help me
If you don't want.
No one else is there of mine
Cause you don't like it.

But the earth is mine.
The fire is mine.
The air is mine.
The space is mine.
The water is mine.
I can get whatever I wish from you, I know.

O dear father!
O Greatest Poet You made the greatest poetry as Vedas.
I want to become a little poet.
I know you understand everything what I want.

So please grant me those things,
What I need.
But make me like,
That I may not get the chance 
To do evil deed. 

Read the Poem as Hindi Translation

Bhavanand Arya 'Anubhav'

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