Wednesday, February 19, 2014



In the world there are five types of things- Desire, Anger, Greed, Affection and Self Conceit that are helpful to pass our life span easily. But who rules on these five becomes a Yogi like Lord Krishna.

It is an awesome experience that I am sharing with you. We know that feelings are generated from our heart. Actually we have two thinking powers (man, mind) within our body. One in brain and other in heart. The man is the smallest particle of the nature and it is called eleventh organ after five sense and five working organs. It is a special gift of god, given to human beings. When it vibrates, waves are generated. About whom we think the waves move towards that one. So if we have affection for any one, that one will feel its effect indeed. We must have in mind that this precious gift to the creatures is given by the god because of his generousness. The god is omnipresent, omniscient but we, human beings are not so. Our capacity and place is fixed. But with the help of this man, we may connect us to far away peoples and places. This is the reason, that a Yogi uses to move to planets and may introduce the task of far away places at once with the help of this one man

Now I am disclosing my own feeling about it because the before said things are taken from the sayings of great scholars. My feeling about it is that the affection for any one is felt by the other too if we have for that one. But this affection results a lot sorrow in future as the fruit of this one affection.

So dear readers let us take the pleasure of affection but dont forget that you too will get its fruit as sorrow.

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Truly Yours
Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"