Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Away From Hearts..

In our regular life we love our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, daughters, sons, beloved and others but I want to make you familiar about how we loss the love and make away our hearts from others. In the modern age of materialism the progress of instruments is increased. Several scientists invented the vehicles, mobiles, internet, pagers, telephones etc. These machines, mediums are helpful in many ways but this is not my subject of discussion how much they served the society by inventions of these devices, mediums or whatever else.

If we think about our past, we can easily understand how much near we were there by hearts with one another when progress of materialistic mediums was not too much. But these devices made us away from hearts, is the fact. The material progress is not negotiable but we should use material devices to improve our spiritual behaviors, is the advice from the side of Rishis. Br. Krishna Dutta Ji in Trance said that "We should make progress in both Spiritual and Material Science. Then we can get quick progress. The route of spiritual science(Adhyatmic Vigyan) goes through material science. We should not misuse material science( Bhotik Vigyan)"

Now I am disclosing the fact about it-

"When we come near with instruments physically, we become away with hearts."
"When we become away, in lack of instruments, we live near by hearts."

This is the invention of a Rishi and is aptly, exactly true.

So think about these words which are full of facts, strange and hidden. And don't forget to comment about what you think about it.

Not writing about my own feelings I am leaving it on you to think and say about your own feelings in regard of it what you observed in your life.

You are invited to Comment. Please.
Bhavanand Arya "Anubhav"

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