Saturday, May 11, 2013

In the Ashram of Balmeeki

Sita in the hermitage of Balmeeki

When Lord Ram thought it that a prudent baby should take birth in my house, he told Laxman, "O Laxman! Bring Sita to the hermitage of Maharishi Balmeeki because there exists the bank of river, where when wife will give birth in holy atmosphere, there will be welfare of the nation.

I occassionally have remembrance of that literature, it was Ram's order. Laxman with Sita went to Ashram, hermitage of Balmeeki. Why he did it? My dear Mahanand Ji uses to say, "Ram did it so because baby must take birth in pious and pure environment, atmosphere." The environment of war, in nation and home, would not effect them(babies). It was the limits as custom, babies must take birth near Rishis-Munis where the environment was pure.

Balmeeki was a great throughly scholar of Ayurveda. Teacher of Ayurveda know the herbal science. The mothers should touch the tongue of just born baby with 'Swarn Ka Rudra', honey, 'Sem Kratibha', Amrita (Giloy), these four herbs so that demerits may end. Ram knew the merits of Ayurveda. Balmeeki was a hermit, Rishi of Gayatri, Rishi of Chhand(Stanzas) and great scholar of Ayurveda. So for the golden future and health of the baby, Ram send Sita to the Ashram, hermitage of Balmeeki.

Birth of Love

Love was born in Balmeeki's Ashram and Kush was found in the forest of kusha(A grass of deserts and river banks). As my dear Mahanand Ji once informed, "Sita, after leaving Love, went to take water in her palms, when returned, he was not found so Balmeeki Rishi took birth to Kush by his penance." But it was not so, that a baby can be born with Yogic strength. In fact, while cutting Kusha ( a grass), he found that baby.

Receipt of Kush

It is so remembered to me that there was a young girl of Surandhit named as Sumitra. She lived in the Ashram of Maharaj  Swati. Then a celebacy observer Rishi Brahi entered that Ashram, then 'Mana Vachanam Brahma' see, on being agile the state of mind she became pregnant by that Rishi. She to the baby of foetus, wrapped in the sheet of Kusha, left near Balmeeki's Ashram. This baby found to Maharishi Balmeeki and Mother Sita looked after both of them. Mother Sita embarassed Kush too and one nipple gave to him and one to Love.

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