Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gobbling Up Sun By Hanuman

Gobbling Up The Sun By Hanuman 

This much, you know that Maharaja Hanuman was called Pawan's son. He was son of Anjana. Name of king Mahivrit Ketu's daughter was Anjana. Hanuman became son of Anjana, Pawan's son. I remember when he would play in childhood in the uterus of mother Anjana. In childhood he would think that "O mother! What is this sun?" Then mother used to educate him, "Son! This one sun, this is enlighter, it gives light. Rays of several kinds enlight us when reach here." When mother used to give these thoughts, once in childhood this child said this, "I want to gobble up the splendor of sun, want to attain within me." She replied, "O Son! That one time will come too." See that one Hanuman who stayed in mother's uterus, became specialist of learning of sun. There was a great education of mother. Consider of sun-science the whole learning of sun, the light, he used to gobble up himself. The whole learning of sun, having in his throat, see! as he had taken the sun in his mouth.

I remember Maharaja Hanuman made a book of two thousand pages, which was written on the science of sun how much scientific the sun is called. He made machines too and which type, by which machines he would take the rays of sun and he would become busy in the night. This one earth, the several kinds of food and minerals exist in it. That one is called sunny. After thinking it seems that the sun is most excellent god(giver) that gives light till evening since morning. Similarly a man is enlighted by that one light. The light is called igneous Dyau (from where sun gets energy).

Anubhav Sharma


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