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Laxman was actual arya (noble)  who would touch feet of mother Sita. What 
super greatness of his life was that his eye sight never moves to any other place of Sita. Ram once told Laxman to try to know supreme soul. Laxman replied, "Bhagwan! My duties I surely performing but my supreme soul (Mahadev) is my service, my benevolence. When myself will reach to the top of benevolence, I will get the favor of supreme soul.

Laxman Line

When Ravan reached to Panchwati, Laxman made a line in Panchwati and said to mother Sita, "O goddess mother! Do not exit from this line." How great the science it was! We can not imagine even about that science. Who stayed inside, did not burn, but entering organism from outside would burn at once, while entered. So much enormousness was there in it.

Which thing was not there in Ravan's reign, so great a science, space shuttles for Moon, Mars, Venus but not the character. You know that Laxman had too much character. There was science but mainly it was a lot character with him. After having his home descendent of Raghu Dynasty, Lord Ram, he gave to the world the inspiration of being one. He attained the strength in his heart about being one, with the world. This one world which was about to catch fire of one another, to be one with them. Heart of one must meet with other, this one was the process of him of study, after that he entered to Ashram of Bhardwaj for six months. In that one Ashram Mahraja Laxman attempted to know that line which line is known by only highers of high dignitaries. That is the line of that kind, in which this atomicity stream of these, atoms, like in the rainy season, earth uses to absorb the excess water. Similarly which awful fire that was thrown by those weapons, the line used to absorb that one fire, to which Somtiti line was called. To it Lord Krishna too knew and Laxman too knew.

Self Confident Urmila

When Lord Ram, Laxman as well as Sita started moving to forests, Laxman said to his wife Urmila, "You too move to the forest. I shall serve Ram, you to Sita." At that time, self confident Urmila answered, "O dear husband! I shall remain like pure milk in this world till when you return. If I moves with you, your feeling of service may end, feeling of service will not remain so. Because when I shall move with you as your wife, you will not remain a servant. So Prabhu! Go. Serve mother Sita and Ram. I believe that I shall meet you after 14 years as I am now, while you leaving me."  This one is the name of self confident one. So Laxman left.

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