Friday, May 24, 2013

Rishi Plan of Killing Ravan:Part-2

Bharadwaj Muni Maharaj said that, "If they want to destroy the misconduct of Ravan, the discrete men must take an existence. There should be discrete men because until discretion takes place and there does not exist discrete men, neither reciter of Vedas exists and when they do not have discretion, the nation may not be uplifted." Saying it Bharadwaj Muni further said, “Whatever Varunastra (Weapon of Raining), Indrastra, a lot of weapons are constructed in my hermitage, on a required situation, I can donate that treasure of weapons to Ram. All the sages, Rishis welcomed Bharadwaj taking deeply his statements to their hearts.

Maharaj Shiv was prayed, “O Maharaj! You have made a machine, we know that one, would you like to contribute in it?” Then Maharaj Shiv replied, “I made king Ravan, father of nation, gave him education of several types of sciences and always used to give education in his schools but when any human being does not act on the basis of self orders, inspirations of soul, Vaidic literature says, "Do not accept him from heart." So my thought is that I shall not give any help to him who is being full of misconduct. For, his life for nationalism, what conduct must be there for humanism, incense that must be there in it There the smell has been changed to filthy. So I do not have any sympathy in this kind of nation.

As these statements pronounced all the rishis touched his feet. He was the head of meeting. All the rishis thanked him and said, “The treasure of weapons that you have given to king Ravan, what is about that?” Maharaja Shiv said, “O Sages! I have given a machine to Ravan. An another machine is made with contribution of Ravan, my son Ganesh and Parvati. King Ravan, queen Mandodri, Ganes as well as Parvati knew it. Which type of machine it is? It is of kind as the machine is there and suppose Ravan is fighting, this machine is giving strength to him. By that one name, it is giving power. He can not be conquered by an enemy. But when any context will be there, I will say you its basic idea. I can surrender this one.”

On knowing these statements of King Shiv, Vishvamitra became happy. While conversation taking place, all Rishis prayed Vishwamtra, “Perform Dhanuryag.” Rishi accepted this statement. This meeting was finished taking these thoughts and the thought became firm, King Ravan and who is being a rascal, a common people is given a terror, it must be ended. After this decision the meeting finishes. The Rishis, sages returned back to their own hermitages.

To be continued….

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Anubhav Sharma

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