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Education of Sons

Education-Religious Observance

Janaks's daughter Sita was taught Vedas and archery by royal priest Swati Muni Maharaj.

Education of Sons

Mother Sita was perfect in her duty. She had insight into ayurveda and archery and was called scholar. What is secret of it in the Veda ,after studying the science of archery, dhanurveda, the archery dances before the scholar. It is the duty of the mother, who makes her son able, because mother is called 'Pritha' in Vedas. She, by her skill her greatnes make her babies uplifted. Mother is called 'Vasundhara', Earth of her dear children, she hold them within her. See by archery, learning of age ayurveda, she makes them perfect and uses to say, " O children! come, you want to become theologian, so for the thirst of devine source, let me send you to the place of him so that your thirst may end, if you want to be busy in wordly actions, then, to which path you want to hold?." Who listen these words of mother, that brahmchari (celibacy observer) says "As you wish mother! Watever inspiration I shall get, want to be busy in that work." When the child say it, she took him to dense forests, to the dynastics of teachers and say "Child! Be perfect in archery. Who is there to make able Love and Kush? Brih Vrit - Learning Sita would say, "O baby! Mother Kaushalia too used to give your father the education likewise. Kaushalya, it is called skillfull vow, because to be skillful is very necessary in the life. Mother Sita is educating her babies in archery. Performing yagya in the morning, adoring gods, meditating about supreme soul,  educating children, this is the duty of the mother. It is a skill of dutiful mothers. In our religion, the mothers used to be skillful in their duties.

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