Monday, May 27, 2013

Ahilya II

Now a days Ahilya is criticized with several kinds. To which we call Ahilya? Ahilya word has several synonyms. Ahilya is a name of Earth. In our literature this nature too is called Ahilya. Name of divine learning is called Ahilya. Meaning of Ahilya is to which we milk. My dear child milks his mother, this one earth is milked by farmer.

Saviour of Ahilya

Ram was called the savior of Ahilya. Who may reform Ahilya? That one, who is a scientist. I remember that in Treta age there was a laboratory in Muni Vashishtha’s Ashram in which Vashshistha as well as Arundhati taught. There became study on stars, planets and on earth there used to be research. Which earth looks like adamant but in fact has ability to grow grains, that field is called Ahilya. Maharaja Ram made a lot of research on Ahilya. If name of Maharishi Gautam’s wife is Ahilya it does not mean that Ram hit Gautam’s wife Ahilya. In fact we say the barren land Ahilya.

When Lord Ram was studying, Maharishi Bharadwaj came to the research centre of Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. Maharishi Bharadwaj Muni said, “O Vashishtha Ji! What are you doing?” Rishi replied, “Maharaj! We are making research on Ahilya.” Then Maharishi Bharadwaj replied, “You will not be able to know Ahilya like this. Come. In my science lab, I shall show you Ahilya. At the place of Maharishi Bharadwaj Ram knew the science of Ahilya Ram saw that Ahilya which is there like stones and grains can not be grown in it. While he studied scientifically he found that it may become fertile. So he told the farmers, Vaishyas that “This one land of Ayodhya is very fine. Untwining, unfolding its layer, sow the seeds in its flesh. Come. In this wasteland, barren land which is looking like stone and which fertile in fact, grow grains. This land which is Ahilya should not let it be. We should utilize this waste land.” So it is done the same. So Ram was called savior of Ahilya.

In the age of Treta I got the chance to see Ram. He was so great a scientist that he knew the science of earth. I want to unfold a religious discussion to you. When he is called patron of boundaries, he expanded and fixed boundaries, culture he uplifted then there was not any right of him to hit a Rishi wife. Kshatriya is that one, who can not see wives of others even in dream, then to hit another’s wife is a task of far from even dreams. I have got the luck of seeing Ram. I use to say god, “O god! If there will be welfare of the world then only braves like Ram can do it.”

Ahilya Kratibha Machine

Brahmchari Suketa, Brahmcharini Shabri as well as Gargepathya made a machine. That machine was called Ahilya Kratibha Machine which knew the womb of Ahilya (barren land). In Vedic literature, Ahilya is the name of earth. Ten yojans (a unit of length) below Ahilya whichever mineral if present, it might show. Lord Ram tried to know this machine. Knew it and then he became savior of Ahilya. What is the reformation of Ahilya? The land is there but anyone is not growing grains in it. No research is made though the nation has requirement of grains. With the help of that machine Ram reformatted the land, made its welfare.

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Anubhav Sharma

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