Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kumbhkaran’s Sleep of Six Months

Sleeping Six Months and Awaking Six Months of Kumbhkaran

In our culture it is said, as my dear Mahanand Ji described many times, it is a general saying in modern age that Kumbhkaran used to be busy in sleeping for six months and he would awake for six months. It is said. But It was seen to me that Maharaj Kumbhkaran used to reach his laboratory on mountains for six months. He accepted it as night for six months that “I am not present in nation, not in world. It is my duty to remain there in research centre.” He had this much scientific development. He educated Meghnad too. As scientist like Kumbhkaran had practice of six months, he never became intermixed in the things of the world. His life used to be so. He would come to nation, would teach to scientists in the scientific centers of Ravan. Likewise his life would be hidden for six months and six months he would devote for governmental arrangements of nation.

Maharishi Bharadwaj made Kumbhkaran a great scientist. He used to give education of weapons, vehicles for six months. He used to do research and manufacture in his science lab in the caves of Himalayas.
[From Alankar Vyakhya of Br. Krishna Dutt Ji]

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Anubhav Sharma

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