Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bharat : Idol of Surreder

Idol of Surrender : Sage Bharat

According to the order of parents when Lord Ram surrendered his reign and said that "There is no possession of mine on it. To me, my mother gave exile for only my penance, I need to pass my life as a hermit." This is the life of Lord Ram. They are going to dense forest, Bharat came and when mother said to him, "O son! Keep under control your reign."  He replied, "O mother! This one is the possession of my brother Ram, there is no right of mine." She said, "O Son! It is not your right but someone will undergo in it." He said, "That one will undergo who has possession and for whom it is worth. Mother! I am unable, not worthy, only Lord Ram is worthy of it." Bharat reached the forest to meet Ram. He prayed him and handled the royal place after bringing wooden-sandals of his feet.

If there exists a brother should be like them. This ideal is with us. He lived in a cave, took rest there. Once Maharishi Shushecha reached Bharat's Ashram. There, sandals were present. Ministers are present who would make rules of nation, there is Bharat who is there only for adoring wooden sandals of Ram. Then Rishi asked, "Maharaj! Why do you live in the womb of earth( cave was like a pit)?" Bharat replied, "Maharaj! I live so because layer of earth is the mat for Ram and I want to live below the place of Ram that is why this place is chosen. I do not want to make the place equals to Ram.

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