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Exile of Ram

Exile of Ram

In the age of Treta, once king Dashrath reached to the door of Maharishi Vashishtha Muni Maharaj. Maharishi Vashishtha asked, “Say king! How do you come here?” The king replied, “Prabhu! I came because this one is my fourth part of whole life going on. I want to give this reign to my eldest son. After thinking and studying give me a decision.

Before it a meeting was held in Ayodhya. In that meeting it has been decided that Ram will have to go to forests to kill rascals. This study of Rishi and Munis had been performed. When king Dashrath said so, the Rishi told, “He shall think about it and will reply and decide the next day.”

Rishi gathered his brahmcharis. Mother Arundhati and several other scholar ladies, he, too gathered. Rishi said, “O goddesses! It is the desire of king Dashrath that Ram should be enthroned.” They replied, “Bhagwan! This one sentence is pleasing but in your reign the decision of nation is great or decision of divine sages?” He said that "decision of sages is used to be high because their thoughts are full of penance, and they use to be experienced. They know waves of thoughts very well. They know splendor of society well. So when it was the decision of divine sages, he must go to forest."

Objection of Kaikeyi against enthroning

When the king came to know that Kaikeyi has entered the room of woe, he reached to the room having left his own place. It was midnight. He asked, “Devi! What is your desire?” She replied, “It is my desire that Ram should go for exile.” He asked, “What this one happened with you? You would love Ram so much and you want to exile him today. Where your wisdom lost?” She said, “No Bhagwan! It is my internal desire.” King said, “Speaking like it is not your grace. Because you, his mother of course, are loving of Ram.” She replied, “Where there is a feeling of duty, the feeling of affection ends. My internal feeling is this one that Ram must go to forests. I do not want to give him prosperity.” When she declared it even in midnight, the king became silent and sat in the solitary place.

Penance of Ram

This whole story Lord Ram came to know that he will have to go to forest. He was a hermit. Some bit he became austerious in mother's lap, some bit in the houses of teachers, some bit in Ashram of Vashishtha and some bit in Bharadwaj's Ashram. When he was making weapons and machines, he made a vow that he should serve the great human beings (dignitaries). 'If there is my life I need to protect them with weapons.’

Kaushalya Ji too used to say, "O Ram! You are born from my uterus so your duty is to become dignitary, become a god. You will have to get divinity. You will have to get wealth as of a god. You will have to kill rascals. You need to serve sages, dignitaries. Internal thoughts of mothers' heart use to intermix with subconscious of the son. Heart of Ram was austerious. He had been a dignitary since several past lives. He was called a divine soul.

 Having reached to the room of anger, Ram touched Kaikeyi's feet. Kaikeyi said, "God bless you O Son! You came to me, it is my desire that 'move to forests for fourteen years.’" Ram said to mother Kaikeyi, "Mother! This one is my desire that I should obey my mothers, in the uterus of which one my life took an existence, If I do not obey their orders, then what is my existence of being a son." Ram says, "Mother! I am going to forests." He touched mother's feet and royal attire, he unwore.

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Anubhav Sharma

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