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Resolve of Mother Kaushaliya

Resolve of not Eating the Food of Nation

It was the law of Kaushaliya that she would do some work herself and by that action, work what money came to her, she used to take. She had determined that she did not want to eat any grain of royalty because she wanted to give birth to great child. While living in royal house, waves of her mind would be active, deligent, great and holy. The skill of mind was uplifted because the skilll is made by the food. After some time Putreshti yag was performed by ancient Rishis. After Putreshti Yag, she became pregnant. After being pregnant, it one was the rule of Kaushaliya that she would do some work and craft, and then which material came, she became satisfied by that.

Conversation with Mother Arundhati and Vashishtha

Maharishi Vashishtha, Arundhati and Maharaja Dashrath all the three entered to royal house. Kaushaliya gave three mats to them. Touching their feet she said to Arundhati and Vashishtha, "Say Bhagwan! Today, what is the reason to come to my hermitage?" They replied, "O Devi! We heard that you do not take the food of nation."

Kaushaliya: Yes Bhagwan! I do not take any food of nation.
Arundhati: Why you not?
Kaushaliya: O mother! I do not have any desire of it.
Arundhati: Why not? What is the reason?
Kaushaliya: The reason is that I have resolved near my gurudev that I want to give birth a holy and great baby from my womb who may move towards not only nation but will have desire for this life and next lives also, he will be of good conduct who will thing national bed and beds of mountains same.
Vashishtha: Then why do you not take royal food?
Kaushaliya: If O Bhagwan! I shall start to take the royal food, there will be born a royal child, a great baby can not be born. Because the food of royality, that one is intermixed with Rajogun (feeling of ruling and prosperity), tamogun (feeling of ignorance). I do not want to use this food because waves of my mind will not be then like what I wish.

When Vashishtha Muni heared it, he was of course psychiatric and wise, After thinking he concluded to Dashrath, "Say, Dashrath ji! What do you want to say?" Dashrath replied, "Maharaj! There is no food of sin recieved in my nation." Kaushalya ji said, "O Rajan! A nation is mde with rajogun because when a king is made and wears the royal attire, he has national thoughts then, thoughts of doing justice but actual justice is of course, the supreme soul does. As far as the justice of a king concerned, a victim who comes to the nation, that one sin, that is intermixed with rajogun and tamogun and when his justice is organised then that king's nature will also be intermixed with rajogun and tamogun. If your nature will not be intermixed with rajogun and tamogun, you will not be able to make judgement." When she told likewise, the king became silent. She further said, "O Rajan! The wealth, material that is of your nation, that uses to be intermixed with rajogun that is why I do not want to take it." Hearing this all the three became silent and said to the king that there was no loss of him if she took food after her own craft and skill. All three departed for their own places. Agenda of mother Kaushalya remained as before. Lord Ram was born of that one Kaushalya.

In the period of king Dashrath Raghukul system became a little bit changed. Aj was name of Raghu's son. Aj too had some faults. He became smeared in prosperity. Aj's son was Dashrath. That one too was too much smeared that he had three wives and he would be busy in only them and he would not have the thought till where the boarder of his nation was. King of Lanka, Ravan had possessed the reign of Maharaja Raghu. A little reign of Ayodhya, on this earth, was remaining of Dashrath where Ravan could not get possession. For the reason mother Kaushalya needed to give birth to Ram. Because mother Kaushalya knew that her husband had entered to prosperity and the nation must uplift. Vashishtha Muni as well as Arundhati too wanted it because the reign of Ravan was not fine, it had misconduct in excess and no character at all.

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