Sunday, May 29, 2016

Good Thoughts Part 3

Persons of Lowest Category do not start any new task because of the fear of the interruptions; Persons of Medium Category stop the work after being opposed by interruptions. But the Persons of the best Category never leave any good task while interruptions come again and again in between the completion of it.

Bodies are of three types:
1. Sthul (Big)
2. Sukshm (Small)
3. Kaaran (Original/ Base)

1. This one body is created with 24 base elements. Five Sense Organs, Five Working Organs, Ten Vital Airs, Mind (Thinking Power), Brain (Decesion Making Power), Sub Conscious, Self Conceit.
2. Five Sense Organs, Five Base Elements (That are Fire, Water, Space, Air, Earth), Five Vita Airs (Praan, Apaan, Udaan, Vyaan, Samaan), Mind and Brain (17)
3. Vital Air, Mind (2)

Rudra is called who make us weep mean Vital Airs.
The Vital Airs are of 10 kinds : Praan, Apaan, Vyaan, Udaan, Samaan, Devdutt, Dhananjay, Kurm, Krikal, Naag
To cross the Death is called Yama. One who win the death is called Yamaraj.

Flame of the god is present in the water. O Like the Flame God! Please spread the divine flame in my conscious. Make my human body a success story by explaining me the Yoga of Action.

On this earth which is called the Heaven of Seventh Place, The Aciton is the greatest thing. It is not successful to get Desires fulfilled or the required Prosperity got, with out Action. Let there is a person who came to his house while he is hungry and we gives him arguments and disarguments and take the help of only wordings to say him that he should sleep now. But if we with our actions make the food for him and give him to eat, he will sleep well and there will be no need of any argument to say.

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Br. Anubhav Sharma 

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