Sunday, May 29, 2016

Good Thoughts Part 2

Hindu Religion

Sanatan means which exists from the beginning and Vaidic means which is there according to Vedas. So This one is the religion that is honored by Saints and Sages. Both the words Vaidic as well as Sanatan indicates to the same single Religion. Swami Dayanand Saraswati established the same ancient Religion. Religion is intermixed with the sense organs of a human being. To speak truth with our voice is called religion and to tell a lie with our voice is called non-religion. Looking gently with our eyes is religion and looking badly with our eyes is called non-religion. This one is the definition of the religion originally. Hindu Religion is Sanatan, Vaidic as well so is the best. Adoring idols is not good because in Yajurveda, our Holy book, it is said, "Na Tasya Pratimaasti" (His idol can not exist). So the existing idols of Gods are not of the supreme power's. But of course, these one give us a little idea about some properties of Him from His infinite qualities.The religion is dictated for the sake of the Human Caste, in the beginning period of the Universe by the God himself with the Holy book Vedas before 1,96,08,53,116 years. It is said in the 40th Chapter of Yajurveda that "Andhantamah Pravishanti Yeasambhutimupasate ..........." means one who adore the immortal materials of the world and mortal nature, souls, God as well after knowing well mean who stay with them, utilize them, pray them etc. is able to get Prosperity and Salvation as well. Else his future goes to the Hell in next births. The Idol Adorers could not understand the true meaning of this Hymn of course.

Br. Anubhav Sharma

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