Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yoga and Vedas

A Yogi should teach with sweet and polite voice to the observers, students of Yoga and he must think everything to Yoga at all and Other persons should always take the shelter of this type of Yogis.

O Desiree, Observer of Yoga! As a yogi can develop the Learning strength who has the properties of appeasing , pacifying and suppression; on its basis. That Learning of Yoga give the desired pleasure that destroys the darkness of ignorance when it is got by good persons (gentle Men). It may give you too the same.

The Yogi who is intended in Yoga Practice and has the properties of appeasing, pacifying and suppression, having desire to increase the self confidence of the persons who have the desire of Yoga Learning, gets the grace of the Sun everywhere. 
Anubhav Sharma

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