Monday, November 28, 2016

What is Death : Part-1

There are some facts in the world that are beyond our decision making capacity. And these ones are to be searched. In fact the death is a different kind of thing if we compare it to the thing of our general knowledge. I am introducing it to you and trying to describe a little bit more.

As we know that the death is compulsory for everyone in this world, we always want to ignore this real fact. And we stay busy in fulfilling desires, anger, affection, self conceit and greed while we forget our inevitable our - means death and don't think about it. If we want to win the death, this one is possible too. Do you know this fact!!! I shall tell you this one-

Actually the death is not furious, fearful for Scientists, Yogis as well. a Rishi (Ancient Saint) has said, "The Death is there in ignorance, in knowledge there is life always."

Let a human being dies- As we know the human body is made with the help of five base elements- Water, Fire, Air, Space, Earth (According to Classical Vedic Theory), we can notice clearly the same body as it was before death. We can not say that the body is dead. The body is not died, only it has stopped working. According to Biology, all the organs of the body remains looking the same. When we think about the body, that was made with the help of the food it took, and other materials such as air, water, heat and light etc through which it was made, all the atoms, are present in it just after death too. And as the atomic theory says that matter can never be made nor it can be destroyed, it changes its form only, All the atoms, molecules remain present in it except a Soul.

See, The soul is immortal. Because the God himself has said it. See What Lord Krishna says in Sri Mad Bhagwat Geeta-

वेदाविनाशिनं नित्यं य एनमजमव्ययम्।


भावार्थ:-हे पार्थ!  यह आत्मा अविनाशी, नित्य, अजन्मा व कभी न नष्ट होने वाला है।

Means: O Arjuna! This soul is immortal, stays forever, does not take birth ever and will not destroy anytime in future.

This soul, leaving the old body, moves towards another place. But the soul too, can not be recognized as that one Man/Woman. If we clearly understand the existance of soul then we can't say that the soul is dead. Then O Brothers and Sisters! Tell me who is dead.

In fact, the soul moves to those places, planets, births where the god has fixed for him/her. And this one decision by The God is taken according to the past actions of that one soul. He has to move to the other place. So the death seems only the change of the Place and body. And when we come to know that we use to take birth according to our past actions, we leave all the fear of the Death at once.

The time for residing at any place is fixed at all and when this time period ends, the soul has to leave this one body surely. So we should not fear of the death because it will not come to us before the time. So we should perform good actions and our prayers without any hesitation and without any fear. As Sardar Bhagat Singh did and many other had left the affection of their bodies for the sake of the independence of Mother India. Those one too knew this fact assuredly else who gives away his/her life for others. 

Our Vaidik Books explain this fact clearly. A lot of facts related to it are mentioned in Upnishadas too. And the Death is called in Ignorance only. There is only life in True Knowledge. So let us improve our true knowledge if we want to cross the death.

These facts we can clearly view beyond Meditaion means Samaadhi.

To be continued....


Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma - A Celebacy Observer.

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