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My Own Story 2


O honourable judge! I wanna get justice. Now what I shall write, no important truth will be unclosed in.

U should know that I have accepted truth in my behavior and speech since year 1998, by taking inspiration from Satyarth Prakash written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. I am closely attached with Yajna and good conduct since that year especially. A very miraculous feeling changed my views towards God and I became devotee of him then.

Now as my father-in-law has submitted two cases in Bijnor that are completely imaginary stories. I have never beaten my wife with stick and I have never demanded for dowry from her. Now he has claimed for monthly expense by telling lie that she is very less educated and I am earning 30,000 per month from a computer centre. I never earned this much amount per month. And now a days I am completely unemployed.
Now I am telling about my past, starting from beginning of my married life. Let me write about qualifications of me and my wife first:
My wife Radha Rani Sharma: M.A. (Economics) + B.Ed. (CCSU) + M.A. I (English)
Myself   : M.A. (English) + B.Sc. (PCM) + B.Ed. (Persuing) + O'level(Computer) + Junior Diploma in Music + Kamil (Urdu) etc.

When I got married in year 2001 on 6th May, I was preparing for MCA IIIrd semester (IGNOU). After my marriage, I came to know about the requirement of a computer teacher in Hindu Inter College, Chandpur. I reached there and attended interview. As the interviewer said, it is half time job and offered me 1500/- p.m. I agreed because I thought that now I shall be in touch with my wife and house more. You know pleasure of staying within our own house is too much. But the time passed and I left MCA because it was very hard and I could not efford extra expense of purchasing referred books those were necessary for MCA. Now I passed O'level in 2003. Even then my salary remained 1500/- but I was earning 3500/- approx. per month by working on another computer centre etc. The time passed with no important incident which is include worthy here.

Now my salary in 2005 December was increased to 2400/- but now I had to work for 8 hours there. In S.V.M.I.C. for 5 hours and remaining on ISS Computer Centre. One of my friend (cousin of Dr. Y.D. Sharma, Mr. Devdutt Sharma, Athain) offered me to become partner on his new computer centre. But that centre ended after 5 months approx. Now I was completely exhausted. So I left my home in distress in year 2006 May (approx.) for Delhi. But because I was too much devotee of god, I started thinking about him in whole way to Delhi.

My ability towards this yoga field is praise worthy. I have seen a very big spot of sun like object at 'Agya Chakra' place in meditation. At that time in Delhi, I got a lot of things related to spiritualism but the outer world was thinking that I am mentally disturbed and this was real fact that I was really mad, if it is thought for outer world.. So I was admitted in IHBAS for 26 days (approx.) I have been there with name Abhinav as doctors admitted wrong name by fault.

The doctor of hospital called my wife for discussion of my behavior in Delhi and she left Ismailpur for only one day. But she never returned here after that my father-in-law at once decided to call her to his home (Reason : I have not done MCA, my income was very-very less as was expected, for him I was mad, I was 2 much devotee of god and this kind of person is thought to be unable of leading married life, in Modern Age). You should know that I tried to take 'Samadhi' many times and I was succeeded once before admission in IHBAS.

My wife went there, in Nandgram Ghaziabad for one day and never returned at this house of Ismailpur again.
After approx. 26 days I returned from there and stayed in Nandgram with her. Once I came to Ismailpur and brought my first daughter Shruti there who was studying in Nursery in Fatherson Public School, Chandpur. As you should know my mother was govt. teacher who was earning a lot of money, never gave a chance to feel me and her of the lack of money ever.

Then I joined a computer centre ANIT Computer Centre in Nandgram, Ghaziabad for 2500 p.m. + Comission of Hardware students (30%). So I was earning 3000/- p.m. and I admitted Shruti to Avishkaar School for Nursery where she topped the class. But story did not end here. Because of some uncommon incident (I suffered) on centre I came to Ismailpur. And this was the chance of  this father-in-law to burst on me and now he is playing a big game by throwing dust in the eyes of judges but silently. He is playing a game to which god knows.

Sir, I am too much devotee of god that I forgot that I am a father and a husband too. You should know, I used to take medicines of mental health too which were given me by Mr. Akhilesh Chandra Shrivastava, Moradabad after that. I have gone to Gauhawar Mental Health Care Centre, too, three times but that doctor refuses to give any type of evidence.

If you ask me if I am a 'mental' or not? I shall say 'no'. But in the view of this world I was really mental.

R u understanding sir! my father-in-law is taking revange upon me. I know that you may study this letter or you may not but these words of mine should never end. I know very well that god is just that is why I am not too much anxious about the result of the cases.

Now I am telling you about my current position. I do not have even 100 Rs. for giving anyone. But what I do I am saying I had to give 1500/- p.m. to Radha (my wife), 750/- p.m. for education of my elder daughter, 200+200+ . . to my lawyer as approx. two dates comes within a month, 20+20 for file + .....  Sir! I am not earning money. Now as summer vacation starts, no tuition coming. I have no property, field, bank balance, no policy, no f.d. nothing other thing. I have one motor bicycle but it's R.c. dont have my name so u too cant do anything with this bike.

I am taking care of my elder daughter and I shall not give any type of sorrow to her but how am I able to give Radha 1500/- p.m. You can say to that villain Ramautar Sharma that he may take my flesh and sell it to earn money because i will not work as a labourer for i m of course M.A. Your honour he is not a man. What I am suffering I shall say you.

She, with her brothers directly came to Chandpur to her fahter's home directly. When I went there, her father and elder brother in law insulted me and showed me brick as if he will attack me. Then how can i go to that home now. Would you like to let them beat me or kill me?

Because audio is not an evidance,  I can not give you the recorded sound of conversation of me and her on phone (of before approx. 1 year when she was in Delhi) in which she agreed that she was on fault and she was not of type of wife who was ideal.

Anubhav Sharma (Himself)
(Written on 25-5-2011)

Now in this series I am writing more things. She has filed two more cases now one for the violence with them when they went to my house to take back the material of dowry given by them on the occasion of marriage. I would like to tell you that they have given nothing. They even not gave me double bad which is necessary as the custom of Hindus. Except some pairs of attires and some Saris etc. for her daughter they gave nothing special. Means this third case was just white - lie. And now fourth case is filed about giving him Talaaq. I shall not give him talaaq because this one is the custom of Muslims. There is no word in Hindu religion for Talaaq. When pair meets after taking oaths before Yagya vedi they can seperate because of death only. So if she needs talaaq i must be dead. Do you want my murder or  any other thing..

So she filed four cases lie of bundles against me. She with her father trying to give me shock of being poor. If anyone of team of your judicial department read this post please do something. This is a tyranny of a lady against his husband. Those rascals need to be punished. And I m an innocent person I really say. My daughter now a days study in Acharyakulam , Hairdwar. Her fees is more than 10,000 per month. How will I arrange. Should i kill myself? Let them leave my backing. I shall not give him harja kharcha because she never ask me anything before filing any of the cases and I can not give anything of course.

1. Dowry and Beating by a stick (498 A, ..)
2. Harja Kharcha 8000 p.m. the judge of Chandpur Tehsil has fixed 1500 p.m. (128)
3. Taking back Dowry and Beating
4. Talaaq 

And the main thing I am a Vanprasthi since July, 2012 now so according to the laws of Hindus I will not give anything to my past-wife who has a love affair to a different man and live with him as his wife (rakhail). My second daughter who is living with her also has the problem related to education. She may become character less indirectly because of her bad actions. So i need my second daughter back from there.

Or haan I need my harja kharcha which i had done on these filed cases. Because i m not earning anything and she is earning while she works in Shishu Mandir, Chandpur as a teacher.

(Written on 25-1-2014)

And I stayed in Jail from 24/11/2014 to 7/2/2015. After that They promised me to get all cases back if I become ready to give her Talaq. And I got leave from all these case and so I got the Talaq on 14-01-2016. Now we Shruti Kirti and Me, live together at home and my daughter is studying in a Boarding school. I work at my home and earns 1,40,000 per year approximately. Take Tuitions, Work in LIC and A Computer Shop I have with these two jobs. God's grace I am very Happy.

(On  20-03-2017)

Brahmchari Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavanand' (Himself)

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