Friday, November 13, 2015

Devotion : Is it Necessary for All?

Hello readers, We must understand well why devotion is necessary for a human being. If we want to get the ‘Siddhis’, we can not attain it without praising god, praying him and being near to him.
Siddhis :
1.  Religion (Dharma)
2.  Prosperity (Arth)
3.  Fulfilling Desires (Kaam)
4.  Salvation (Moksha)
Necessary Actions:
1.  Describing his Qualities (Stuti)
2.  Praying Him (Prarthana)
3.  Controlling sense and working Organs or being near to him (Upaasna)

You know brothers and sisters! Everyone who belongs to a family as a leader needs all four Siddhis because it is his requirement too. Cause every parent needs to be famous, graceful so he/she requires the Siddhi of Religion mean good conduct, and participation in religious tasks, benevolence and gain in spiritual science along with material science. Siddhi of prosperity is a generally known and a common part of every person’s speech. As someone says-

“Money can do everything.”
“Everything is purchased with money.”

But prosperity or ‘Arth’ means all type of material that is used for the convenience of our family including money.

Dear brothers and respected sisters! Eveyone wants to get him/her desires fulfilled but it is also a type of Siddhi.

As, For a while think..

Our daughters/Sons should get a high education, good and healthy food- it is our desire.
We may arrange their marriages in their young ages with a great splendor – It is too a desire.

So we should have Siddhi of Kaam so that we may complete these or all other tasks of our life, full of our desires, with ease, is our requirement .

And we may get Salvation at last is also necessary thing. For we want to get the end of all our sorrows once. 
So we all need these all four Siddhis.

Here supreme power God  himself says in Vedas-

Om Prati Me Stom Maditirjagribhyatsoonum Na Maata Hridyam Sushevam. Brahm Priyam Devhitam Yadastyaham Mitre Varune Yanmayobhuh. ||Rigveda| Mandal 5||

Meaning: Just as a Mother looks after her newly born baby, well prayed god fulfills desires of his Devotee and he looks after him/her with the same care, generosity and with all her kindness.

So pray the God, Praise his qualities as more as possible and Be near to him by Penance.


Meet you soon in next post.

Yours Truly

Anubhav Sharma

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