Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scientific Detective Shabri

Shabri would take education of science in the Ashram of Bharadwaj Muni and she was daughter of Kurtuk Rishi Maharaj. In dense forests, whatever treasure of science in Bharadwaj Muni Ashram, Rishi had, giving that treasure to Shabri Rishi said, “When Ram will come to you, give this treasure to Ram.”

Why Shabri is called Bheelni (a schedule tribe)? Because moving from Ashram of Rishi Bharadwaj, entering to Ram’s nation, performs the work of Shudra and having her eyes on everything performs the work of detective. She would be symbol of skill and activeness. She was dear devotee of Ram. Devotee of what type? She would give fruits touched by her mouth to Ram and Ram ate it because Ram was well mixed with faith.

She was expert in science and used to take education in Ashram of Bharadwaj Muni. That is why Shabri was appointed in secrecy department. Whatever treasure of knowledge and science, she had she gave the whole to Ram. Bharadwaj had machines like – one could make cool the rays of Sun, another ‘Swati’ could take life-making elements from rays. Now if any nation is to be make ashes, the atoms of fire shone and the whole nation might change to ashes. This invention of Bharadwaj Muni Ashram and several weapons of this kind Shabri gave to Ram. Taking those weapons, Ram felt thanked to him.

Once Shabri came to forest to meet the great yogi Ramchandra Ji. Shabri made a question, “O Maharaj! What is the grandeur of ‘religion’? And what is religion?” Ram replied, “O Devi! Our subconscious must have holiness and the voice must be polite. This one is the grandeur of religion. To perform our duties is religion. How much scholar or well known to Vedas a human being may be, but in lack of politeness all is vain. So O Devi! This one politeness is the super medium of making a human being religious.

Shabri would meditate the god. Ram touched her feet saying her ‘mother’. She came bringing left fruits and said, “take it Prabhu!” Having filled with love, Ram started eating the fruits.

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Anubhav Sharma

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