Monday, June 10, 2013

Mother Anusuya

(The speech is being taken from book 'Ramayan Ke Rahasya' of Br. Krishna Dutta Ji)

That time is again recalled to me where Rishi-daughters used to perform deep researches. It is a duty of human beings to accept yogic methods. It is agian and again recalled to me when mother Anusuya as well as Maharishi Atri Muni Maharaj used to do research collectively. Whether it is night or day, their yagya of thoughts was being held. How peculiar is a yagya of thoughts! How fragrant it is! Because when we perform yagya as a hota(one who throws oblation material in sacrificial fire(, then by its fragrance, fragrance of thoughts, fragrance of grandeur appears and it purify the atmosphere and house after being generated many times.

Yagya With Undertaking

Flight of a function is how much peculiar! A human should have conversation on that flight. It is remembered to me that mother Anusuya would perform yagya as and with a function. In our culture there are 15 types of yajyans and there used to be 84 types of alters. In those one 15 types are considered main. There is an alter having square shape, of triangular shape, of pentagon shaped, heptagon shaped. But who performs Devi Yagya who know the methods of Devi Yag, they construct the alter of seven tongues becuase the fire has seven tongues, flames. According to seven flames an alter of heptagon is made. As a scientist who knows combining molecules, the poisonous air should move to the atmosphere, this one thought is there. Similarly the alter is made.

Lighting Fire by Recitation of Vedas

Vedic sholar very beautifully agitated and thought that we should think about voice. That time is recalled to me when sage Atri Maharaj and mother Anusuya used to perform penance in dense forests. What penance were they performing? By the mouth no lie statement must pronounce. An environment of satogun is spread in the school. In the school mothers are educating celibacy observer boys and girls. Then what is the root of conversation. Once when in midnight, sage Atri recited the stanzas of Rigveda, it started raining from clouds. Mother Anusuya was too much scholar, when she recited the oil lamps lighted itself. This one is the penance of speech.

How does this penance performed? This one Apaan praan (vital air), joins Udaan praan and Praan praan. When joins so, first is sun and other moon is called. Moon has coolness, it has light, hotness. Then when pronounce from mouth, joins Praan and Apaan. After joining when recitation is performed, a vibration is produced in brain and the vibration, because there was semenism, by what construction is there in uterus of mother. By this semen, lightful vibration fire is lighted. Because of that fire the lamps of the town lighted. The lamps lighted in the Ashram of Rishis. Rishi then say, 'Agni Vrihi Lokah' As a result of human sings in Jata reading and the form of singing is considered very peculiar.

Giving Weapon to Ram

Once Lord Ram while walking in dense forest, reached to the Ashram of Anusuya Mother Anusuya dictated Sita and while dictating gave her oath of husband. After that vow showed a machine which moves in the stars and gave that machine to Ram and said, “It will help you.” What specialty it had? It was called ‘Jalayastran kriti’. As it is being rain of fire, when it rains of fire by weapons, then by Jalastra, Varunastra fire is gobbled. When it gobbles the fire cools down. Similarly the science that gives life and fulfills the life, that science of Rishis and sages was there in the world. When Ram moved forward from here, Kaga Krishna Rishi came to his door.

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Anubhav Sharma Atreya 'Bhavanand'

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