Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pavan's Son Hanuman Part-2

When mother Anjana’s uterus had the baby she used to do penance of Sun in that period. What is the penance of Sun? The rays of Sun that comes in the morning, she used to take in dawn. Which mother does not take food and water? Several types of light waves of Sun as well as facts use to take and after taking they become expert in the learning. That time is generally recalls to me, it was misfortune of mother Anjana even but see making his life protected to make her babe uplifted, Anjana used to take those rays herself. Ah! Being naked, she gobbled up those rays through her stomach and after gobbling she used to say “O Prabhu! O God! You are my master today. When the baby will born from my uterus, he should be great and holy who may make my uterus high.”

Everyone know about the misfortune of Anjana.  When her story recalls to me, his facts recalls to me, my heart becomes full of pleasure, I sometimes become painful. When Anjana became evil hearted. King Ravan invited Maharaja Pavan that “Help me to win King Kubair.” Leaving his house Pavan when moved with his army, he stayed at the river Ashaktam. At night, seeing love pair of two birds, his heart perplexed. As a result of perplexity the king asked his minister what those birds saying. He replied, “See! According to the rule of supreme soul these birds live together the whole day. But when night comes they stay away from each other. Maharaj Pavan attacked by the thought, “’Agnam Brihi Vritam’ I have left my wife since 12 years she too becomes perplexed in human feeling.”

Seeing both of those birds Pavan became perplexed. As a result he reached to the door of his wife even in the night riding on his vehicle. Seeing her husband she touched his feet. Anjana said, “Come Bhagwan! I use to praise you even though you made me evil hearted but I do not want your loss. He thanked her. There they both interchanged their ornaments and having interchanged he said “I am going to help Ravan. We need to win Kubair because Lanka is to be won. I had gone for his victory. I came here from the way between.” She replied that “I myself is an evil hearted. If you became late, the parents would make me away from the house.” He said, “Devi! There will arise no problem. This one subject is of very far reach. I shall reach back to the nation in the mean time. Having interchanged their ornaments Pavan departed from there. And while moving reached to his ministers. Now day came, to win the Lanka he moved for the help of Ravan, Varun (Birth name of Ravan was Varun Brahmchari). In the battle it delayed.

There was that one ‘Dev Vratah’ baby Hanuman in the uterus of Anjana. The mother always used to adore sun. Mother may make her baby high not any other can because when the mother used to be a hermit, her uterus uses to be high. She used to say, “In the world you become brave, and you should be great.” In the morning she used to pray Sun. In the night she used to pray Moon. When it became full moon day, shed used to get nectar in her. How the nectar is hold? Putting the tongue upward, near the Moon, taking the splendor, slowly-slowly by taking the breathe in the nectar is taken in internal world. It is taken by tongue. The child especially took the nectar. The Sun is irrigated in the morning by the mouth. It is entered slowly in the internal world. Today if anyone want to do penance of Sun, it uses to be Kalp of Sun. How the Kalp can be performed? In that kalp living without water he takes in rays of Sun by the water, with the help of tongue and the water irrigate him by the Sun rays. Then he becomes known to fire. As the beginner he becomes full of knowledge of fire. She used to talk to her baby in that place of penance. The baby got the strength that the splendor of Sun and the properties of Sun he came to know.

To be continued….

Anubhav Sharma

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