Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pavan's Son Hanuman Part-1

Gobbling Up Sun

In very old times I told you decisively that to Maharaja Hanuman who was called Pavan’s Son (Mythology says him the son of air cause pavan means air) whole learning of Sun was known. Modern age says that he gobbled up the Sun in his mouth. It is not so but all the learning of Sun was on tongue to him. Maharaja Hanuman made a machine ‘Paduka’ who travelled Sun with its rays. The meaning of saying is that Hanuman was a great scholar of learning of Sun ‘Vidyang Grahi Astan Devasya Surya’. How full of science this Sun is! What is the secret of Sun rays? How does gold and metals created? What is the composition of a metal? How it becomes dry? Thus, this whole learning of the Sun Pavan’s son Hanuman knew.

Once in childhood this baby said, “O Mother! My heart is saying that I want to gobble up the splendor of Sun. I want to hold the Sun.” Mother said, “O Son! That one time will come too.” That time is remembered to me, that child would think “What this Sun is? Which material it has?” Thus, his mother would educate him, “Son! This one Sun is enlighter, giver of light, in it several types of rays shines.” See, likewise Hanuman became the specialist of whole learning of Sun by her mother, scholar of science of Sun, gobbler of splendor of learning of Sun.

Mother Anjana

This one you know that Hanuman was called Pavan-Son. He was son of Anjana. Name of Mahivritketu’s daughter was Anjana. Prince of King Mahindra was called Pavan. You know that when he lived in dense forests, his mother Anjana would teach him and making educated, she would say, “O Baby! You must hold the learning of Sun. So of Hanuman ‘Namkarnah Avrahi’, he entered to hermitage of guru. His royal priest was Sureshwar Rishi. Sureshwar Rishi would educate him in archery and learning of Sun. Whatelse the Sun act? What is the Sun? On these thoughts he commented and gave thoughts.

Even in his childhood Maharaja Hanuman tried to gobble up the learning of Sun, ‘Kalam Brihi Vritteh’ and gobbled up the learning. The Sun cannot gobble up. The learning and science that the Sun has, the splendor that it has, gobbling it up is called gobbling the Sun. The Sun awakes the world, rising in the morning. It warms up several plants. It warms up food and minerals of Earth’s womb. The space fills with electricity by its splendor. Being filled with electricity, learning is got from Sun but ‘Pranayam Brahmam Lokam Brihi Vritah’. Teacher if Vedas say that ,”This one praan is entering to electricity. To try to know the learning of Vital air strength, to make pran uplifted is to know the peerless learning of Veda of the Supreme Soul.”

Today if any human being wants to become high, wants to bring humanism, he needs to make his house heaven. To make a house heaven, he needs to make schools heaven. When the schools become heaven, a nation becomes heavenly. Then what is the result? Hanuman Ji too said it. In his teachings, in his statements he would say, “When I used to enter hermitage, the Brahmcharis which used to study there, there was not a single bad habit in them. They, always meditating about god, touching the feet of teachers,

used to be perfect in their learnings, they would try to know the learning always.” He said, “If we want to uplift the world we need to know the learning of Sun. This one learning is of consisting light. This one learning is igneous. We should perform the penance of Sun too. Knowing the learning of Sun we need to know several machines.

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

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