Thursday, June 6, 2013

Birth of Hanuman

When Pawan went to study to a Rishi Ashram, his body was extra ordinarily strong and big. Seeing his consumption once his gurudev told him, “Dear Son! Use this strength of your body for the sake of Rishis and sages and against rascals. Be a celibacy observer and protect Rishis and sages.” He studied there several learnings. At the age of 24 years he returned to his house. His parents as well as family members welcomed him. His parents wanted to marry him a girl named as Anjana. When he came to know about marriage he thought about the promise what he had given to his gurudev. So he went to him to ask the permission. He told the whole matter to his gurudev. Rishi permitted him marry with Anjana but he dictated him to remain celibacy observer till the age of 36.
It was a great ceremony of marriage of prince Pawan and princess Anjana. When they both came to their house, Pawan told Anjana about the promise he had given to his gujrdev. Anjana too was a scholar and good conduct lady. She gave him consent to complete the promise. Now Pawan went to fight with Kubair.

While fighting, once he saw a love pair of Chakwa and Chakwi. Seeing them he immediately thought about his wife. When he made calculation, he found that it was the time of just 12 years when he left his nation. He thought that it will be a great offence if he did not move to her. He just returns to his house taking his vehicle. He directly moved to the room of his wife and after passing whole of night with his wife, he returned back to the war urgently which was being held without meeting any other person of his family because he was in hurry. Mother Anjana became pregnant. After some months when it became clear to her family that she was pregnant, Pawan’s parents blamed her and told her blemished and asked whose child that was in her womb. They heard nothing from what she said. Saying her ‘black-wombed’ and to be worn her black clothes and on black flagged chariot send her out of their nation. Now she moved towards her father’s nation but when her parents saw her black clothed, blemished they forbade to accept her and made her chariot returned. So she became exiled from both father and father-in-law.

By the chariot driver she was left in dense forest. She had specific knowledge about Sun. She passed her time in a cave. Early in the morning she used to pray the Sun and used to think about the science of Sun how it protects all living organisms on the earth and is the main source of food on the earth. When Hanuman was in her uterus even she had taught her the basic science of Sun. She used to perform Surya pranayam and used to take life rays from the Sun.

Great persons always born in such circumstances. Maharaja Krishna was born in jail, Ram was exiled who bore a hard life in forests and Hanuman was too born in forests where her mother used to take food from Sun, wild trees. She bore a hard life in the cave. And after 9 months and some days a baby was born. His body was hard like a club. Just then Anjana’s maternal uncle was passing from the forest riding on Pushpak plane. He heard the sound of a lady and her babe. He stopped there and found her own sister’s daughter in that horrible condition. He asked her the reason of that condition. She explained him the whole matter briefly. He took both of them and moved towards his house. The Pushpak plane was opened and there were several taps on its boundaries. Hanuman was very active. He thought the tap like toy and take a tap in his mouth. Just then he fell below on the earth from the plane. Anjana shrieked and thought that her baby will not remain alive. They both alighted from the plane and when they saw him, he was playing on the ground but his lower jaw (in Hindi ‘hanu’ or jabda) had became bent upward (in Hindi ‘maan’ or upar utha hua) that is why they named him Hanuman.

On the other hand Pawan returned to his nation after winning the war. When he did not find Anjana in the palace, he asked about her to the parents. When they told him that they have exiled her in black clothes because of being blemish, he explained them that the baby was his own and he left the home in search of mother Anjana.

Now he reached the forest and while searching he found and ornament of Anjana near a rock in front of that cave. He thought that possibly his wife is eaten up by some wild animal so he gathered some wooden sticks and logs, and lighted the fire. He decided to suicide in the separation of his wife. Because of excess love, he too wanted to be killed like his wife.

On the other hand, Anjana reached to his parents. The news of Pawan’s arrival had reached there and mother Anjana, having reached to his parents asked about any arrival news of Pawan. She at once reached to his father-in-law’s nation. They were anxious about Pawan and were very accused about their behavior what they had done to her. In search of Pawan she too reached to the forest. When she reached there, she saw her husband litting fire and approaching to the altar. She caught his hand and said, “O Prabhu! What are you doing this?” Seeing her in front of his eyes Pawan said, “O Devi! Where had you gone? In your separation I wanted to burn myself in this flame.” She replied, O Husband! I am here alive.” She gave him solace and now mother Anjana, Prince Pawan with Hanuman returned to their place.

This story says us that great persons are born in odd circumstances ever not in easy one.

Anubhav Sharma


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