Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pavan's Son Hanuman Part-3

That child ‘Vihivritah’ when the mother was pregnant Pavan’s father Mahendra said, “Anjana came here to blemish our house.” Getting sat her on the black chariot told her, “Anjana! Where do you want to go? It is the rule of our nation when any girl becomes blemish like this, he is left in dense forest with black face, black horses and on black chariot or she is left where ever she wants.” Then queen Anjana said, “Mother! There is no fault of mine in it. I am not faulty.” She said, “I cannot accept this one for my son.” As a result, Anjana said, “Send me to my father’s house.” Black chariot, black charioteer, black one horses and sitting on it she reached to his father in black attire, the father when saw who was coming this. In this type of black chariot a blemish comes. When the chariot reached to the house of father, the father said, “This one is our daughter Anjana.” They said, “What happened this, you became blemish like it.” They told, “Go, leave her in dense forest, in forest of Kajli.”

When having left Anajana in Kajli forest charioteer took the chariot to his nation, Anjana was being perplexed, “O God! What this one you performed for me. I am not a sinner but which suffering of mine is there, that comes to me. I do not have any dirtiness in my subconscious. I have ever been holy and pure in my life. My celibacy too is remarkable and the motion of celibacy too is uplifted. God! What this happened that I am being perplexed in dangerous forests. While being perplexed she reached to a cave. It was the time of winter. The wind was flowing. She slept. After some time, while in cave, in the dense forests, the son was born. Ahah! Where did Hanuman born? In dense Kajli forest, in the mountains. Anjana was being perplexed, “O baby! If you were taken birth in national home, it does not seem what type of donations might be there and there might be high Yagas (sacrifices). O baby! How your luck is? How bad lucked you are? O baby! See What I can feed you in these Kajli forests?

In between the time, Anjana’s maternal uncle ‘Vihivirita’ was moving in mountains with his ‘Pushp’ plane. He stopped his plane at the place. Having stopped his plane, he said, “It is midnight. Who is being perplexed there in dangerous forests?” She said, “Bhagwan! Myself Anjana.” He set Anjana out from that dangerous cave. Bringing to his ‘Pushp’ plane he said, “Move Devi! O Daughter! I am bringing you to my house. Uncle took her house. Pegs of plane were giving light like the Sun. hanuman was of the body like club. He bounced from the lap of the mother and tried to take the tap to his mouth. So he fell down from the ‘Pushp’ plane. His mouth changed to another shape from his place. Anjana said, “Mama! My son may be dead.” But when the ‘Pushpak’ plane came below, the child who was of very less days but of stonned body, he was a little bit perplexed, a little pleasured. She embarrassed him. Having embarrassed, sitting to plane, they came to Mama’s nation Nautanpuri. There he was looked after.

After some time, conquering Kubair Maharaja Pavan too reached to his nation and asked his mother, “Mother! Where is that Anjana?” She replied, “O Son! She was very blemish. We made her away from our house. His father did not accept her even. She has gone to Kajli forest.” He said, “Mother! This one is a sin in our house.” She said, “Son! What should I do? You did not inform us when you went from here. Knowing blemish and sinner we sent her away from the house.” Pavan resolved, “O Mother! If Anjana finds anywhere, I shall return else I shall leave my life in the Kajli forest.” He reached to Kajli forest. And at the same day Anjana was saying Mama, “O Dev! Send me my house. I shall be ornamented to my husband’s house because my husband may be returned from the dangerous battle.  He said, “It is o.k. Devi”. When Anjana and Hanuman knew the news that Pavan has gone to Kajli forest to find Anjana, coming to the house, she said, “Mother! I have seen Kajli forest well.” She too went to Kajli forest taking Hanuman.

While walking in Kajli forest, Pavan reached to the place where Hanuman was born. He found a golden ring of Anjana there. Having got the ring he said that Anjana is no more alive now. He gathered wooden sticks and lighted fire. When he started doing suicide, Anjana reached there. She said, “What are you doing this?” He replied, “What to do ‘Brahmvriti Devi Sanikritih Devaj Motua, Brahm Vihibrato’ for his dear one, a living organism is destroyed in love. I am being destroyed in your lack.” She said, “But I am alive here.” They both met and came to nantion from Kajli forests.

Anubhav Sharma ‘Bhavanand’

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