Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elements of Our Body

Our body has 24 elements:

5 sense organs : nose, tongue, ears, eyes, skin
5 working organs : hands, legs, mouth, reproductive organ and anus
10 pranas (life winds) : praan, apan, vyan, udan, saman, devdutt, dhananjay, kurm, krikal, naag.
mind, brain, Subconscious and self conceit

Our minor body that moves after death has 17 elements:

5 sense organs
5 praans
5 tanmatras related to five elements (fire, water, earth, space, air)
mind, brain
and subconscious as well as self conceit stay with in all these.

All holes that are found in our body has Rishis on them:

Name of hole       Rishi
Eyes                   Jamdagni, Vishvamitra
Ears                    Vashishtha, Bharadwaj
Nose                   Sun, Moon
Mouth                  Ashwini
Penis                   Shiv
Anus                    Brahma

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavanand'

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